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John Teel at Predictable Designs

WOW! After reading several fantastic blog posts from John Teel at Predictable Designs, we decided to share this extremely valuable information.

Especially for the individual or company that is plunging into designing and developing electronics for the first time.

We strongly recommend that you explore the Predictable Designs website.

In particular, John’s blog posts deliver a wealth of helpful information.

Also, sign up for John’s email list. He provides a raw perspective on developing electronics hardware.

For example, you will want to read John Teel’s Ultimate Guide – How to Develop a New Electronic Hardware Product: click here.

As John describes, “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, maker, inventor, start-up, or small company this guide will help you understand the new product development process!”

This post goes into the down and dirty details of launching a new product. John certainly does not sugar coat anything. He does an amazing job providing helpful information and guidance with this daunting process.

Avoid the 95% Product Fail Rate 

As we discussed in a previous blog post, of the 30,000 new products launched each year, 95% fail. Ouch!

How do you avoid falling into the dreaded 95%? What does it take to join the elite group of 5% successful product launches?

With his years of experience, John Teel explains the many reasons products fail with another incredibly helpful post: 13 Reasons Why Hardware Startups Fail (and How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t)

Build More Than a Product – Build a Business 

In addition, John brings a strong business-minded approach. Not just with creating amazing products but he also focuses on the profitability of your project as well.

You are not just developing a product.  John explains that it is crucial that you build a company around the product. A sustainable and profitable entity.

Once again, John lays out another outstanding post to help you. This post looks long-term beyond the product itself. Check out his post, Want to Make Millions? Don’t Develop a Product – Do This Instead!

How to Cost Out Your Product Design 

Lastly, John offers a step by step process with costing out your new product development.

Particularly helpful if you are in the infant stages of developing a new product in electronics for the first time. 

John covers every detail. He thoroughly explains the process with his Essential Guide – The Cost to Develop, Scale, and Manufacture a New Electronic Hardware Product.

Here is a video where John goes into a case study explaining product development costs as well as expenses related to obtaining regulatory certification:

We hope you enjoyed this post on Predictable Designs. As a manufacturer of  Wire Harnesses, Ground Straps, and Commercial Power Strips, we find John’s information, tips and advice priceless.

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