Podcast Recommendations for the Entrepreneur in You

Isn’t it amazing how podcast mania has taken off?

It seems like there is a podcast for virtually any subject that has a following of some type.

Listening to a dynamic podcast while performing a brain-free task certainly provides tremendous value.

A podcast offers the opportunity to fill that mental gap while working out at the gym, commuting to work, or walking the dog.

For example, a compelling podcast offers many benefits: educational, helpful and inspirational.

Podcasts serve as another market disruption.

Longing to be your own radio talk show host? Go for it!

Cut out the middle man and get right to the heart of a targeted audience.

Anyone with a voice, a passion or a story to divulge now has a platform to share and connect.

It is truly a fascinating phenomenon.

Well, there are a wealth of podcast options for entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, we need all the help we can get.

Especially since entrepreneurship is a life long learning process.

Actually, we have had the privilege of participating on a couple podcasts.

These hosts are amazing!

Let’s take a look at each podcast that we have participated in as well as several others that  offer incredible value for the entrepreneur in you.

Your LIVING Brand Podcast


First, let’s start with Ben Baker of Your LIVING Brand. Click here for the YourLIVINGBrand.Live  Show.

Ben is a positive force as well as a dynamic professional with a wealth of experience.

His impressive list of titles include Branding Expert, Author, and Podcast Host.

Check out his book “Powerful Personal Brands: A Hands-On Guide to Understanding Yours”.

Click this link to check out our interview on the Ben Baker show: eCommerce Strategies with Curt Anderson.

Here is another fantastic episode with our close friend, Josh Curcio from protcol 80 as a guest:

Dare to Differentiate 


Susan Tatum of The Conversion Company does amazing work. As a LinkedIn Expert, Susan offers 25+ years of experience running national and global marketing and corporate communications programs. In particular, Susan targets technology and professional services firms.

Throughout phone conversations with Susan, you gather a strong sense of passion, determination and dedication to delivering a high level of customer success.

“Our focus is to build trust among your ideal prospects. Our specialty lies in applying social media to complex buying environments.”

Devotedly building that trust allows Susan to help her clients break old habits while implementing new methods of engagement. Her primary focus targets designing strategic programs for LinkedIn Business Development.

What is Dare to Differentiate? 
Dare to Differentiate is a podcast for business owners in crowded industries who want to learn how to rise above the noise. By differentiating from the rest of the crowd. By focusing not on doing everything for everybody, but on doing a few things—for the right people—with excellence.

Click this link to check out our interview on the Susan Tatum podcast: Why You Should Not Be So Quick To Abandon Your Specialty

Entrepreneur on Fire


One podcast that consistently delivers “Fire” as well as offers each guest dropping major “Value Bombs” is the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast (you need to listen to pick up the lingo).

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award winning podcast (Best of iTunes) where John Lee Dumas interviews Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. Are YOU ready to learn from the best and achieve financial and location freedom? With over 2000 episodes, JLD will get you there!

Click here to check out Entrepreneur on Fire

Growth Experts Podcast


Another podcast favorite is by our friend and LinkedIn guru, Dennis Brown. Dennis facilitates an incredible podcast called Growth Experts with Dennis Brown.

Dennis has built 3 multi-million dollar companies throughout his illustrious career. Most noteworthy, one company has been ranked 7 times on the coveted Inc. Magazine Inc. 500/5000 Fastest Growing Company List.

As a an aggressive and seasoned entrepreneur, Dennis Brown relates extremely well with his clients.

Above all, he understands the challenges and demands required with entrepreneurship including the daily struggles and constant fires that need attention.

Related Article: Ask Dennis Brown: Dynamic Entrepreneur & LinkedIn Expert

The Growth Experts podcast shares proven growth strategies, tactics, and tools from real growth experts and entrepreneurs. You will hear from top CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketers as I uncover tips and strategies that many of them have never shared before. My goal is to dig deep to find out exactly how they did it. Growth hacking, growth marketing, growth agencies, social media, digital marketing, SEO, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, Facebook and Instagram are just a few of the growth hacks and growth strategies we will be discuss and dissecting during the show. It’s the perfect combination of inspiration and tactical growth strategies. During the show, I will also share my personal highs and lows as well as what’s working or NOT working for me as an entrepreneur. ~ Dennis Brown

Click here to check out the Dennis Brown Growth Experts Podcast

Eventual Millionaire Podcast


Jaime Masters also delivers an incredible podcast for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, The Eventual Millionaire. She interviews seasoned and successful entrepreneurs who offer their amazing stories which includes the challenges faced on the path to gaining millionaire status.

Real Talk with Real Millionaires. Join business coach Jaime Masters as she interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to learn their failures, advice, tips and stories. I’ve interviewed almost 500 millionaires in business for my podcast – Eventual Millionaire. ~ Jaime Masters

Click here to check out the Eventual Millionaire Podcast

Making Chips


Who says that manufacturers are behind the times when it comes to technology and marketing? Not the guys at Making Chips where two friends teamed up to create a dynamic podcast exclusively for manufacturers.

In 2013, after years of having a remote vendor relationship, Jason and Jim met in person for the first time on a radio program appearance. There, they discussed the state of manufacturing and shared tips on growing a business through social media marketing. They soon found their thinking and passion for the manufacturing industry could not be more aligned.

In the following months, Jason and Jim stayed in touch and shared ideas. Both recognized the need for a resource to equip and inspire the metalworking nation, leading them to launch MakingChips. Since its launch, the popular podcast has evolved into an inclusive multiplatform manufacturing resource that includes a YouTube series, live events, workshops, and leadership articles.

Click here to check out the Making Chips Podcast

Wrapping It Up

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