Outlet Strips: Falconer Electronics Inc. Sales Guide

Outlet strips come in many different shapes and sizes. We here at Falconer Electronics sell two types. These two types include, Relocatable Power Strips as well as Custom Multi-Outlet Power Strip.

Relocatable Outlet Strips

Outlet Strips, Outlet Strips: Falconer Electronics Inc. Sales Guide

  • Relocatable Outlet Strips have regular cords.
  • Outlets are combined into color coated U.S. steel.
  • Strips are available in a wide variety of colors. Gray is the most common color of use.
  • The design of these power strips is so they are movable.
  • Also, they are for indoor use:
    • Retail
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Home use
  • As well as for a temporary power supply.
  • Available in sizes from six inches to four feet long.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • The rating for these power strips is 15-20 amps of power.
  • Power cords come in lengths six inches to twenty-five feet.

Custom Multi Outlet Strip Assembly

  • Custom Configured Multi Outlet Strip Assembly are mounts for semi-permanent hard wiring.
  • They also include mounting options.
  • Also, they come in a variety of colors.
  • They come in sizes from six inches to ten feet. Furthermore, custom sizes are available made to order.
  • Another feature is they have a rating of 15-20 amps.
  • They also include power cords in any size for hard-wiring.

Wrapping It Up

Both of these power strips come with custom many features. Features that include, on/off switches, circuit breakers and surge protectors. Also, we make them with 12 gauge wiring. As well as, a duplex receptacle outlet design. However, a custom made power strip is available. Furthermore, our power strips are UL or ETL certified. Also, they have been made here at Falconer Electronics for over 30 years.

Outlet Strips, Outlet Strips: Falconer Electronics Inc. Sales Guide

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