Everyday Objects That Require Wire Harnesses In Order To Function


Wire harnesses have the capability to connect multiple points through the use of their terminals and connectors.

They can provide a channel for electrical power and even information, making the connections electronics need to function.

We use electronics every day to make our lives easier and most of them contain wire harnesses.

Much like our blog 5 Things That You Didn’t Know Contain PCBs we have compiled a variety of objects that contain wire harnesses.

5: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

                      harnesses, Everyday Objects That Require Wire Harnesses In Order To Function

It may not be every day that you ride in an airplane or a train. However, it’s a safe bet almost if not every day you are in a car. If you are anything like the majority of people your begin hitting buttons as soon as you get into your vehicle. Whether it is the radio, the windows, or air controls all of these buttons work because of wire harnesses. Even the ignition of the car is functional due to wire harnesses. Think of how different a car ride would be without someone constantly changing the radio station or turning the heat or air conditioning up and down. Ok maybe that wouldn’t be so bad but when you’re the one doing all that it’s pretty nice.

4: Construction Machinery

harnesses, Everyday Objects That Require Wire Harnesses In Order To Function

They built houses and buildings before they had construction machinery, but it took a long time and a lot of man power. Now a day we get frustrated when there is road construction and we’re stuck in traffic for an extra few minutes. Without wire harnesses all of the machinery and vehicles that help do these jobs quicker wouldn’t be here. Can you imagine being stuck in traffic for weeks while they built a building? Maybe that’s a good way to not get frustrated “At least they have machinery. I could be here for days”? That’s probably not realistic.

3: Microwaves and Ovens

                          harnesses, Everyday Objects That Require Wire Harnesses In Order To Function

When you need a snack or dinner cooked you more than likely turn to either the microwave or the oven. (Especially in the winter months there is nothing like a nice hot meal right out of the oven). In the days before the modern ovens and way before the microwave, meals took all day. Now we can cook a pizza in under a half an hour and it can taste just like delivery. We can also heat up breakfast in the matter of a few minutes and be on our way. None of these foods that we find convenient would be available without the wire harnesses that help ovens and microwaves have the power that we are used to.

2: Computers, Printers, and Copiers

Computers have made lives easier by giving us information at our fingertips as well as being a tool to accomplish many different tasks (sometimes all at once).  Where would we be without social media and email? We would all still be stuck in a world of paper cuts and actual phone calls, can you imagine? Next time you log onto your computer give a silent thank you to the wire harnesses that have made your life so much easier.

Printers and copiers are a staple in any office space. Without them time would be wasted writing everything by hand, especially if it’s a business that needs multiple copies of the same document.

Printers and copiers have come a long way with changing technology. They now have wireless options so that you can make copies without being hard wired into them. Even with the new technologies wire harnesses are still a huge part of what makes copiers and printers work.

1: Televisions, DVD Players, and Blu Ray Players

            harnesses, Everyday Objects That Require Wire Harnesses In Order To Function

Think of any form of entertainment that you have that involves a screen. Now picture if none of those things existed. That’s what the world would be like without wire harnesses. Wire harnesses make televisions function even throughout their many stages of development.  Without wire harnesses, there wouldn’t be any movies or shows to watch and there wouldn’t be any Netflix!

Without wire harnesses, there would be no reason to rush to buy the latest movie because there would be no way to watch it. Yes before there was T.V. there was radio, but those radios also had wire harnesses in them to make them work properly.  Next time you pop in a movie on a rainy Saturday or bundle up for some Netflix just remember that those things wouldn’t be possible without wire harnesses.

Wire harnesses do so much to keep our everyday lives running the way that we are used to. Most people don’t know how many everyday things wouldn’t be the same.

Wrapping It Up 

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