NWIRC & IMC Offer eCommerce Webinar Featuring Falconer Electronics

NWIRC & IMC teamed up to offer an exciting eCommerce webinar program that features Falconer Electronics.

Each center represents the northwest (NWIRC) and central (IMC) Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) network.

Join us on Wednesday – Sept 15th at 11:00 – for a fun-filled and action packed webinar to help you on your eCommerce journey. Especially since the eCommerce Revolution is upon us.


Sense of Urgency for Manufacturers

With a new sense of urgency for entrepreneurs and manufacturers to create a strong digital presence, join us for a discussion on the necessary steps to implement a highly effective eCommerce strategy for your business. In particular, we tackle how custom manufacturers can join the exploding eCommerce market.

  • Receive an eCommerce Checklist for manufacturers
  • Capturing 1st page rankings on Google
  • Creating effective landing pages that convert into RFQ’s & sales
  • Targeting customers with Google Ads & Google Shopping
  • Taking advantage of online marketplaces including Amazon & Alibaba
  • Explore a step by step eCommerce success story with Falconer Electronics

First, topics discussed during the eCommerce workshop include:

  1. Make a Great First Webpression
  2. Dominate Search
  3. Get on the Offensive

In addition topics covered:

We also explore eCommerce Opportunities with Online Marketplaces including:

In addition, the program features B2B Experts such as…

NWIRC, NWIRC & IMC Offer eCommerce Webinar Featuring Falconer Electronics


NWIRC Offers Services that Accelerate Product & Technology Development

NWIRC strives to improve the competitiveness of small and medium sized manufacturers in the 13 counties of northwestern Pennsylvania by enhancing productivity as well as technological performance resulting in measurable impact for all stakeholders.

How can a manufacturer increase margins, improve customer value-add, and also sustain quality revenue growth? Through technology and also innovation!

Innovation enables manufacturers to differentiate products and services, identify opportunities to exploit and protect new or improved methods, as well as continuously improve business operations.

In addition, Manufacturers of all sizes can achieve continuous innovation through a disciplined approach.

Manufacturing Technology Acceleration Services enable manufacturers to:

  • Differentiate products and services
  • Increase revenues as well as profits
  • Realize annual cost savings
  • Add new customers, distributors, as well as suppliers
  • Gain fresh market intelligence
  • Discover potential funding sources
  • Add to their workforce


IMC = Innovative Manufacturing Center

IMC, the Innovative Manufacturers’ Center, helps Central Pennsylvania manufacturers tap into the most effective regional, state and national resources in order to innovate, grow and prosper.

A private-public partnership, IMC is dedicated to driving economic success as well as profitable growth for the 12 counties we serve and the entire state. Objective, expert advice and actionable solutions are available to small and medium sized manufacturers through IMC events and also resources.