No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going?

No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going? 

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

~ Yogi Berra – New York Yankees Hall of Fame Catcher

Have you found throughout your career that there are times when you lack a clear and concise direction or goal?

Those unfortunate occasions where it seems that you just spin in circles.

Over the years, I have certainly been guilty of this.

Without a specific destination in mind, it is hard to determine if a goal was actually missed.

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.” ~ Les Brown – Motivational Speaker 

How can you claim that you failed at something if there was no direction or goal to begin with? 

From personal experience, many entrepreneurs struggle due to not possessing a specific goal. 

In other words, a lack of clarity and direction. 

Not just lacking direction, but more importantly, the absence of a determined destination.

How can you plan a road trip or vacation without knowing where you are going?

Without a plan or destination, you might not like where you end up. 

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Plan the Road Trip 

No goal, No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going?

Plenty of planning goes into traveling on a road trip or a vacation.

Isn’t that exactly what entrepreneurship is all about? An extended road trip, right? 

Even when you finally hit one destination or goal, plenty of NEW destinations and goals lie ahead waiting for you.  

Yet, without a plan, how on earth can you reach any destination?

It is said, “life is not a destination but a journey.” I fully agree.

Yet, without some type of plan, map, an agenda or even a vague idea of where we are heading, aren’t we apt to drift and wander?

Plotting the Map 

Let’s say you are in need of a vacation. 

First, select a destination.

Possibly the same location that your family has traditionally visited for many years.

In this case, you are not looking for an adventure, you just want to relax. It is comfortable. Known. 

Otherwise, maybe you prefer a new location each year. An exciting new adventure. Foreign terrain.

Possibly satisfying a “bucket list” destination.

Somewhere you have dreamed of going your entire life.

A beach. An amusement park. Disney. Europe. An exotic island. Camping. Visiting relatives (The in-laws again!). 

On the other hand, some people love to travel spontaneously and not plan.

Making arrangements at the last minute.

My wife and I are known for taking last minute trips with little planning.

The impulsiveness can be thrilling, yet can sometimes cause unnecessary stress.  

However, even when you make last minute travel plans, you still have a destination. 

You make travel arrangements. Car, train or plane.

You research a variety of hotels, resorts, or Airbnb.

You browse through numerous reviews to pick the best place to stay.

This is an important trip. You don’t want to take any risks on poor accommodations to rest your head at night.

Poor reviews mean no chance of you staying there.

In any event, you envision what your destination will be like.

The sights (hopefully breathtaking).

The sounds (hopefully exhilarating).

The food (hopefully outrageously delicious).

The people (hopefully amazingly friendly).

So how does traveling compare with entrepreneurship? 

Plan Your Business Road Trip

No goal, No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going?

Not planning a destination for your business can also cause unwanted challenges and unnecessary stress.

You may find yourself being reactive instead of proactive. 

Drifting along. Day by day.

Finding the days, months and years slipping past. 

Just barely getting by with your business instead of flourishing and thriving.

Entrepreneurs are busy. Sometimes simply too busy putting out fires.

You are pulled in many different directions.

Handling demanding customers. Negotiating with banks and vendors. Dealing with employee issues.

Fighting for sales and positive cash flow. Attempting to maintain a healthy balance between your business and personal life.

Though it is critical to be agile and flexible as well as ready to pivot when necessary, setting a goal and plotting a road map helps prevent those dreaded distractions and “shiny object” syndrome. 

More importantly, determining a goal and a concise destination helps keep you on the right path towards success. 

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Convert  “No Goal” into a Fruitful Journey 

No goal, No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going?

Isn’t that a cool picture.

Think about it, you can have the whole world in your hands with entrepreneurship. 

To mobilize towards a goal, take a look at the who, the where, the what and how: 

Who will travel the entrepreneurial journey with you?

 It is said that it takes a village to raise a child.

Well, it also takes a village to raise a business. Who is in your corner?

Surround yourself with “Dream Supporters” who believe in you:

Business partners, advisors, employees, customers, vendors, bankers, accountant, lawyer, family, friends, your significant other, etc…

Where do you want to end up? 

Visualize your destination. 

Actually, it most likely will be a series of destinations. 

Program and power your mind around your destination. 

The mind attracts what it dwells on. 

Open your arms and welcome the people, resources, energy and support to make your goal a reality. 

Implement a positive plan of action in the pursuit of your goal. 

What does success look like to you? 

How do you measure success?

Sales and revenue goals. Profits. Net worth.

Number of customers that you help serve and solve their problem.

Achieving financial goals combined with a healthy work/life balance also sounds like a fantastic goal. 

Set a target and pursue that goal relentlessly. 

How can you achieve your goals? 

What do you need to sacrifice to achieve your goals?

Every new Yes means a No elsewhere. 

Take a hard look at yourself and address the roadblocks that currently exist preventing you from reaching your goals. 

Plot out the time, energy, financial resources, staff, support, consultants, mentors, and all other factors that will move you towards your goal. 

Pick a Cause

Narrow your focus. 

Exploit your strengths

Try pleasing everyone and odds are you will end up pleasing no one. 

You know the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” 

So what is your goal?

Why did you get into business in the first place?

Once you select a goal, this helps determine the number of resources needed to hit that goal.

Describe your mission. In other words, what are you absolutely best at? 

What are your core strategies?

Additionally, what tactics and daily steps are necessary to achieve your goal?

Finally, just get in the game.

Be consistent and give it everything you’ve got. 


“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee 

No goal, No Goal + No Direction = Where on Earth are We Going?


Wrapping It Up 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

I wish you tremendous success on your entrepreneurial journey. 

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