Magnetic 8" Reflector Spot Light

Heavy Duty Magnet Base Spot Lights

Falconer Electronics prides itself in manufacturing superior electrical products for its amazing customers. Over the past two years, Falconer Electronics served as a contract manufacturer of Magnet Base Spot Lights for industrial…

Touring a Wire Harness Manufacturer - Part 6

Part 6! We almost feel like the Harry Potter Series (my daughter would be proud of that analogy). Each week we have been addressing the due diligence and selection process when deciding to outsource wire harness manufacturing. Today we will…
Magnetic Trouble Lights with Metal Guard and 50' Cord

Magnet Base Trouble Lights

Falconer Electronics recently announced acquiring the industrial lighting manufacturer, Standard Portable. Being a Wire Harness Manufacturer since 1985 brings tremendous experience and expertise to this exciting product line which is now available…

Discreet Questions to Determine Financial Viability When Outsourcing - Part 5

Outsourcing manufacturing operations can deliver tremendous benefits to your business. Unfortunately, there are many risks attached as well. Today we continue discussions by addressing Discreet Questions to Determine Character Compatibility…
Retail Display

The Do's and Don'ts of Retail Display

Do's of Retail Display 1. Do change your displays: In order to keep interest in the products that are being sold, retailers need to change what they are displaying in a timely manner. Products can be out of date and need to be updated.2.…

Wire Harness Estimator Components Defined

Falconer Electronics, Inc recently announced a new tool, the Wire Harness Estimator, to assist with determining the cost of a Wire Harness Assembly (click here to view).The Wire Harness Estimator allows you to quickly and easily enter the…

Interviewing a Wire Harness Manufacturer - Part 4

Asking Challenging Questions Gains Valuable Information  When considering outsourcing services to a custom manufacturer of any industry, asking challenging questions is critical for selecting the best fit possible. Having a list of tough…
New Wire Harness Manufacturer

How to Find a New Wire Harness Manufacturer - Part 3

Trying to Find a New Wire Harness Manufacturer? You have landed on the right place. As a Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer since 1985, our team at Falconer Electronics has worked with hundreds of customers ranging from many different industries. This…
Wire Harness Estimate

How to Use the FEI Wire Harness Estimator

Introducing the FEI Wire Harness Estimator Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) proudly announces launching the brand new FEI Wire Harness Estimator. Our team is extremely excited to share this new tool with customers:…

Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer - Part 2

Last week we discussed, when is the right time to consider Outsourcing Your Wire Harness Assembly Process. We have found several scenarios where a customer approaches us for the first time when they are Selecting a Wire Harness Manufacturer.…

10 Things Not To Do With Multi-Outlet Power Strips

10. Don't Overload Your Power Strips When you overload your power strips there is potential for a lot of danger. Not only can it cause fires but if you get too close to this mess you may never be seen again by loved ones.      …
Wire Harness Estimator

Meet the Wire Harness Estimator

Determining the cost of a new Wire Harness Assembly just became a whole lot easier thanks to some hard work and innovation. Falconer Electronics, Inc., (FEI) a wire harness manufacturer since 1985, proudly announces the new online…