Summertime Gadgets to Get You Through Any Heatwave

Everyone knows that summertime means outdoor activities. Also, it means trying to stay cool indoors. Summertime Gadgets are a must to get through the hot days and nights. Below we have compiled a list of electronic gadgets that are must haves for summer survival.

Summertime gadgets, Summertime Gadgets to Get You Through Any Heatwave

Indoor Summertime Gadgets

During the summer there are days that take all your energy away. The heat is too hot. The sun is too bright. Also, the air outside is too sticky. Luckily there are electronic devices that can help you enjoy your home during those unbearable summer days.

  • Fans: This may seem like a very basic Summertime Gadget. However, fans are very useful during hot weather. Without Air Conditioning fans are the difference between feeling like you are melting and feeling like you are still human.
  • Air Conditioning: Not everyone has an Air Conditioner. For those of us without we are very grateful for public places that pipe in cool air. It has been a long-time tradition to go to the movies in the Summer to suck up that “free A.C.”. Also, with the enticing smell of that theater popcorn, there is the added intrigue of the big screens.
  • Streaming Sticks: Summer is notorious for repeats on television. However, with a streaming stick like the Amazon Fire StickGoogle Chromecast, or Roku, you can get more apps with more options. These streaming sticks are the perfect gadget for those days where the outdoors are not your friend.
  • Ice Cream/ Snow Cone Maker: There is no better way to beat the summer heat then by enjoying a nice cold treat. Even better is when you can make them at home! With Summertime Gadgets like an ice cream or snow cone maker, you can create your own flavor combinations and always have an ice-cold treat available.

Versatile Summertime Gadgets

There are some gadgets that are not strictly indoor or outdoor. These are the gadgets that are easy to slip into a beach bag or pocket and take on the go. Furthermore, they are also convenient to have indoors to break up those hot days that you don’t want to leave the comfort of home.

  • E-Readers/ Tablets: Electronic readers are perfect for traveling in the summer. Instead of having to choose a few books that will take up room in your luggage you can download hundreds of books to fill your summer reading lists. These tablets and e-readers are compact enough to slip into luggage or a beach bag. They are also perfect for just lounging in a cool room of the house. Many e-readers or tablets have their own Wi-Fi. With this technology, you can continue communication with friends and family, even when you are enjoying the sun and water or when you want to chat to break up a quiet day at home.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Whether at an outdoor cookout or doing chores inside the house Bluetooth speakers can change the mood of any day. Everyone has their favorite songs and what better way to enjoy them then to play them out loud.
  • Handheld Misting Fans: Misting Fans are convenient for summer trips to theme parks or just for those too hot days at home. They are small enough to travel with you anywhere. Also, they are battery powered so they won’t spike up your electric bill.

Outdoor Summertime Gadgets

There are days where the best place to be in the summer is outside. You can enjoy the fresh air while spending time with family and friends. There are electronics that can enhance these times.

  • Outdoor Theater Systems: It is becoming more popular for families to set up Summertime Gadgets that create outdoor theaters. Summertime is perfect for movie watching outside due to the warm weather. Also, there is no concern of the kids oversleeping their alarms for school the next morning, because there is no school.
  • Waterproof Speakers: Summer days are for the pool. Often families with pools do not keep them to themselves. Therefore, there is a need for further entertainment while enjoying the cool water. Speakers that can be near the pool can make a get together more festive. Everyone loves a soundtrack for their summer parties.
  • Electric Thermometer: It is difficult to plan any outdoor activities during summer. You need to be aware of the weather. An electric thermometer can help. With the new technologies available you can keep up with the local weather. Not only do these thermometers tell you the temperature outside and inside. Also, there are certain types that can tell you what weather is coming later in the day or even throughout the week.
  • Waterproof Digital Camera: Everyone has moments they wish they had been able to capture in a picture. With a waterproof camera, you won’t miss any moments on land or in the water. Also, many manufacturers are making kid-friendly cameras. Even the kids can record memories of their favorite outings.

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