Movies with Technology: Our Top Favorite Technology Picks (Continued!)

Movies with Technology

We had so many favorite movies that include technology that we had to continue our top picks list!

Movies can generate all types of emotions. Also, they can make you think. The movies we have chosen below are ones that make you think.

Some of them will cause you to look at your world differently. Others will make you wonder what will we come up with next?

**Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen them yet. Honestly, if you haven’t seen them yet, what are you waiting for?**

Movies About Other Worlds

The Matrix– What is Real and What is Not?

When you know that there is something not right about your life you need to set out and find what it is. That is exactly what happens to Thomas Anderson. Therefore, when he is given the rare chance to see the other side of reality he embraces it. The truer side.

What does he do with this opportunity and the things he learns? Fights for the world he no longer belongs in.

Men In Black– Fighting Aliens is Easier With Gadgets

When the world needs saving from alien invaders there is only one agency to call.

The Men In Black.

They are specialist in alien races. Also, they have the best technological defenses. Whether it be needing to find out what they are up against or shooting down space ships they are ready for whatever comes next.

Movies that Could be Our Future

I Robot– When Robots Become too Humanized

How much control would you give to a machine? How human is too human for robot?

Detective Del Spooner believes that the robots have been given too much control. Also, he believes that that people are too trusting of them. When he is gets the assignment of the case of a dead roboticists he has help from the least likely source. Can he solve the case? Also, can he help the human race gain back their control?

Eagle Eye– You Are Being Watched

When your fate is in the hands of a mysterious voice on the other end of a phone call what do you do?

Jerry Shaw is pushed through different trials and tribulations as he is controlled by a mystery voice that knows his every move. The voice is only are they controlling his movements. Unfortunately, they can see all of his actions.

With the use of modern day technology Jerry Shaw is prisoner.

Can he succeed in doing all of the things the voice wants? Especially, now that the police are after him?

Furthermore, will he survive to see his own future?

A Movie About Time Travel

Back to the Future– A Car Can Change the Future and the Past

When a scientist invents a time travel device from a DeLorean an adventure occurs.

Young Marty McFly has the task of saving his own existence. He must travel back in time and ensure that his parents fall in love. With a scientist, a dog, and a flying car will Marty succeed in saving his own present by traveling to his parents past?

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