Mining Lights Capitalize on the Modern Day LED Culture

There have been changes throughout history to underground mining lights around the world. As we mentioned in our previous blog, original mining lights used actual flames. These flames were in metal containers. The practice of using open flames was very dangerous. It also caused many health and safety concerns for the workers of the mines.

Falconer Electronics Inc. has been working with the new technology to create safer mining lamps. Our LED mining lamps do not give off the heat. Also, they do not give off fumes that lamps of the past did. LED lamps cut down on the toxins that the miners are inhaling. 

Therefore, reducing the risks of fire injuries.Mining Lights, Mining Lights Capitalize on the Modern Day LED Culture

Mining Lights New Technology

As safety regulations have evolved so has the technology of mining lights. Lamps that once contained flammable liquids, evolved to carry batteries. Also, what was burning flames, giving off smoke and fumes led to light bulbs. These bulbs gave off smaller amounts of heat and no excess fumes. The latest technology in mining lights has advanced even further to contain LED lighting instead of the original option of incandescent bulbs.

LED Miners Lights

LED lights for mines have taken the place of original fire lanterns increasing safety for the workers. This type of lighting doesn’t give off heat or fumes. Therefore creating a safer environment for coal miners by decreasing the risk of accidental fires. LED lights for mines also don’t have any fumes that the workers would be consuming.

MSHA Certification

Mining Lights, Mining Lights Capitalize on the Modern Day LED Culture

LED mining lamps increase the safety of mines. MSHA takes this into consideration when certifying equipment. Also, MSHA approved LED mining lights are held to a specific standard and are evaluated and tested by experts. These tests are to insure the lamp’s compliance with federal regulations of the product. Furthermore, MSHA perform surface and underground field investigations. These investigations help insure the health and safety of the miners and help prevent accidents.

The modern types of mine safety lamps have come a long way from the traditional mining lamps of the past. They are safer and more convenient to use. These mining lamps are held to a higher standard with these new safety regulations.

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