Traffic Flasher Warning Protection for Fire and Accident Scenes

The J1000 Signal Lamps are ideal where warning lights are needed for safe emergency rescue or maximum accident traffic scene protection. Red or amber LED flashers ensure that the area surrounding the site is easily seen by oncoming traffic at night or during low visibility conditions.

Since every J1000 Signal Lamp is constructed of shock-resistant durable plastic with a solid state design for long lasting life and dependable performance, under the most hazardous or adverse conditions. Furthermore, all lamps are environmentally safe and include an easily replaceable standard 6-volt sprint top battery.

The J1000 Lamp is non-incendiary and the perfect alternative to typical roadside flares. They will not deteriorate in storage like flares, are safer to use, that last longer, and emit no flame or toxic smoke. Another benefit with the J1000 Signal Lamp, residue clean up is never a worry. Signal Lights offer complete safety around water or contaminated areas.

Signal Lamps Product Styles and Uses

J1000 Signal Lamps are available in two styles, circular lens lamp design (5.5” x 4”) for emergency aircraft night landing zone application and an oval lens design (7.5” x 4”) for use on highways by police, fire and/or other EMS professionals. Also, both have a 2-way switch (Flash-Off) emitting a one per second flash rate. Falconer Electronics also offers MSHA approved mining lights.

Lamp and Lens Specifications

Construction: Durable shock resistant plastic


  • Circular Lens Design 5.5” x 4”
  • Oval Lens Design 7.5” x 4”

Weight: 1-1/2lbs.

Power: 6 Volt Spring Top Battery

Battery Life

  • 150-200 hours continuous duty, in flash mode.
  • Standard Flash Rate: 1pps


  • Red or Amber Lamps
  • Red, Amber or Clear Lens (Circular Design Red Only)


  • Red Lamps with Red Lens LEDR/R
  • Red Lamps with Clear Lens LEDR/C
  • Amber Lamps with Amber Lens LEDA/A
  • Amber Lamps with Clear Lens LEDA/C
  • Red & Amber Lamps with Clear Lens LEDRA/C
  • Red & Amber Lamps with Amber Lens LEDRA/A
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