Mina Miller Edison and the West Orange Community League

Mina’s Love for the Community League

Mina Miller Edison loved her community. She often volunteered her time or donated funds to local organizations in New Jersey as well as Chautauqua County. One such organization is The West Orange Community League. The Community League was known for encouraging the members of its community to volunteer for activities and fundraisers. Unfortunately, the league has dissolved over time. However, the essence of its memory remains in separate organizations that still exist today.


This legacy that Mina helped to create is still helping children to grow in their friendships. It also encourages adults to be more involved with the children of their community. These organizations include sports leagues, restoration projects, as well as other fundraising opportunities for the community.

Changes Among the League

Over time the goals of the league have been ingrained in the organizations we know today. However, how the goals are reached has changed since Mina’s time. Instead of being one large league there are now multiple organizations. Furthermore, each organization works together to better their community in different ways,

The West Orange Boys and Girls Club

One of the organizations that grew from the league was the West Orange division of the Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club encourages children all over the country to join positive activities within their communities. This organization is important to communities due to the number of children that are left to find their own entertainment. This is especially true during the Summer months when they are not in school. Often times parents work full time all year round. Therefore leaving the children home unattended and the parents worrying about what they are doing.

The goal of The Boys and Girls Club all over America is to ensure that these children are taken care of. Therefore relieving the stress of the parents and keeping the children entertained and safe. They are also learning and growing within their community.

“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most,

to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

– Mission Statement of The Boys and Girls Club

Mountain Top League Sports

Sportsmanship, fairness, growth/development and enjoyment of the children are some of the values that drive our dedication and philosophy. It is our intention to provide each child with the opportunity to participate in all games.

In addition, some of our other goals include:

  • Helping build character
  • Teaching good sportsmanship
  • Practicing principals of fair play
  • Providing physical fitness
  • Having fun

Local Community Activity Sites

Check out  The Jamestown Boys and Girls Club for information on our own Boys and Girls Club.

Are you looking for summer entertainment for your kids? Check out Chautauqua Boys and Girls Club Day Camp!

You can also visit as a family! If you would like to visit the historical place that Mina Miller loved you can browse The Chautauqua Institute!

Summer is in full swing and the county is warm and beautiful. Want to enjoy the local scenery? Visit Chautauqua County Parks and Trails.

There are a lot of local organizations to join! Check out The Jamestown Area YMCA!

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Wrapping It Up

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