One strategy to strongly consider while expanding your eCommerce footprint includes teaming up with Online Marketplaces. 

As a manufacturer, placing your products on an Online Marketplace opens doors that otherwise would simply not exist. 

In particular, partnering with Online Marketplaces that target industrial customers. 

For example, Falconer Electronics offers its product on multiple Online Marketplaces which we find extremely resourceful. 

We especially value each relationship as a valuable partner. 

Below includes a number of Online Marketplaces that we recommend:

  • Amazon 
  • Digi-Key 
  • McMaster-Carr 
  • MSC Industrial 
  • Walmart
  • Zoro

Let’s take a look at each of these Online Marketplaces. 




First of all, during the summer of 2019 (is that a title to a song?), we listed our Ground Straps on Amazon. 

As a result, Amazon now plays an important role in our future growth strategy. 

For example, search for “Ground Straps” on Amazon and several of our listings consistently rank at the top of the organic search results on Amazon. 

Ground Strap on online marketplaces


Braided Ground Straps 

Ground Straps

Below includes a number of popular Falconer Electronics Ground Straps found on Amazon:



Falconer Electronics on Amazon

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Commercial Power Strips on Amazon 

Commercial Power Strips on Amazon

Falconer Electronics also offers Commercial Power Strips on Amazon. 

Commercial Power Strips at Falconer Electronics deliver many benefits including: 

  • Tested to Rigorous ETL Standards  
  • Reliable 1 Year Manufacturer Product Warranty 
  • Used for Product Displays in Major Brick and Mortar Retail Stores 
  • Manufactured with U.S. Fabricated Steel 
  • Manufactured in the USA 


4 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord | Made in USA | ETL Certified

Commercial Power Strips

8 Outlet Commercial Power Strip – 6′ Cord | Made in USA | ETL Certified

Heavy Duty Power Strips





Falconer Electronics also recently joined an online powerhouse, Digi-Key. 

Digi-Key serves as a remarkable resource for our company as well as our customers. Simply put, they rock!

Especially when you encounter tight customer deadlines and narrow windows to complete a project, vendor reliability is critical.

Relying on trustworthy suppliers to deliver consistent quality product on-time certainly makes life much smoother. We find that Digi-Key answers the call each and every time.

We recently added a selection of 36 different sizes of Braided Ground Straps on Digi-Key. 

Click here to view Falconer Electronics Braided Ground Straps on Digi-Key.

Falconer Electronics on Digi-Key


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McMaster-Carr also serves as a dynamic option with Online Marketplaces. Founded in1901, McMaster-Carr supplies industrial customers with an enormous inventory selection. 

“Whether you think of us as problem-solvers, an e-commerce company or a technology company, know that we can help customers build anything because we offer everything. We make more than half a million products available by focusing on product merchandising, publication and technology development and the operational excellence required to create exceptional customer experiences around the globe. As we look to the future, we apply experimentation and innovation to countless lessons learned since our start in 1901. We see our success continue with the ideas and commitment of each one of the remarkable people that differentiate McMaster-Carr and allow our business to evolve as the world changes.”

Products manufactured at Falconer Electronics found on McMaster-Carr include Magnetic Pickup Sticks as well as Magnetic Trouble Lights

Extended-Reach Magnetic Retriever

Flex-Head, Square Magnet, 52″ Overall Length

The Falconer Electronics MS-6 Magnetic Clean Out Tool is ideal for the retrieval of ferrous metal materials. Designed for contractors, heavy duty use or clean up for home projects. The #4C Stock Magnet is used for this durable retrieval tool which offers a 45 lb pull. The 4C is a ceramic magnet enclosed in urethane rubber coating that is corrosion resistant. The #4C Stock Magnet is attached to a 48″ wooden handle with die cast zinc clamps. All Falconer Electronics Magnetic Retrieval Tools are manufactured in the U.S. at our facility.

An extra-long shaft and pivoting head lets you access hard-to-reach material from almost any angle.

Click here to view Falconer Electronics Magnetic Pickup Sticks at McMaster-Carr 


Extended-Reach Magnetic Retriever

Flex-Head, Square Magnet, 52″ Overall Length

An extra-long shaft and pivoting head lets you access hard-to-reach material from almost any angle.

MS-2 Magnetic Clean Out Tool - 28 lb Pull w/ 48" Handle


Plug-In Portable Lights

McMaster-Carr also trusts Falconer Electronics to provide Magnetic Trouble Lights for their industrial customers: 


Online Marketplaces


Falconer Electronics offers its premium line of Magnetic Work Lights with this Heavy Duty Magnetic Trouble Light. Assembled in the U.S. at our facility with components purchased domestically and globally. This durable magnetic work light provides you the flexibility to attach the light to any ferrous metal surface enabling you to work hands-free.

Protective Guard: This Magnetic Trouble Light is equipped with the Falconer Electronics protective swing-open metal guard that permits immediate bulb replacement (light bulb sold separately). The zinc plated metal guard offers necessary bulb protection. The protective guard also tops off with a metal hook in case you need to hang the trouble light. 

Power Cord: Powered with a 25′ 18/3 SJ-UL cord offering plenty of reach for challenging work areas. The three prong grounded cord works ideally in industrial and warehouse settings. 

Sturdy Nylon Handle: The sturdy nylon handle clamps securely to the ball mounted magnet – allowing you 360-degree circular rotation with full pendulum tilt – providing necessary lighting for targeted areas.

Magnet: Falconer Electronics offers its signature line of Heavy Duty Industrial Magnets. Magnetic Trouble Lights also include a sturdy ceramic magnetic base that provides a holding power of 45 lbs. The Falconer Electronics #4C Stock Magnet is manufactured with a durable urethane rubber coating that is corrosion resistant. The magnet measures 2-1/2″ x 1-15/16″ x 3-3/8″. Falconer Electronics exclusively produces our Signature Industrial Magnets in the USA at our manufacturing facility.

Convenient: The Magnetic Trouble Light measures 13″ in height allowing convenient storage occupying a minimum amount of space. Weighing in at just over 3 lb provides lightweight flexibility to place lighting in difficult areas that require additional lighting.

Click here to view Falconer Electronics Magnetic Trouble Lights on McMaster-Carr




MSC Industrial

Another powerhouse amongst the top Online Marketplaces, MSC Industrial. MSC employs more than 6000 employees with revenues nearly reaching $3 billion. 

Furthermore, the humble beginnings at MSC Industrial tell an incredible entrepreneurial success story:

“When Sid Jacobson began selling cutting tools from the trunk of his car in 1941, he operated with integrity, respect and a commitment to each customer. He was a leader whose values and passion for excellence are the foundation of what has become MSC Industrial Supply Co. From being the first to use technology in distribution to expanding from one category into 40 to offering critical expertise beyond the product, our company has grown into a $2.8 billion business. Over more than 70 years of rapid growth and change, we remain committed to delivering the pioneering products and services that help our customers run even better businesses.”

MSC also distributes Magnetic Trouble Lights manufactured at Falconer Electronics.

Online Marketplaces


Click here to view Magnetic Trouble Lights on MSC Industrial


Online Marketplaces


Falconer Electronics also teamed up with Walmart this past year. 

Walmart serves as another valuable resource amongst the assortment of Online Marketplaces. 

Braided Ground Straps manufactured at Falconer Electronics are heavy duty as well as corrosion resistant.

In addition, the tinned copper braided wire offers durability, flexibility and maximum conductivity.

Braided strands within each strap are woven and rolled flat to a while each end is terminated with a solder dipped ring terminal. Terminals are also infused with RoHS compliant solder to improve performance and tensile strength. Made in USA since 1985.

For example, below includes a number of popular Falconer Electronics Ground Straps found on Walmart:


Online Marketplaces


Click here to view all Falconer Electronics Ground Straps on Walmart



Lastly, but not leastly (is that a word?), Falconer Electronics teamed up with Zoro, another one of the Online Marketplaces serving industrial customers.

Zoro launched on May 12, 2011. In those early days, Zoro had 20 employees who worked out of a warehouse. Our customers could select from 180,000 products online or from a physical catalog. And sometimes it became everyone’s job to pack customer shipments. Since then a lot has changed, including the breadth of our offerings, the size of our staff, and the look of our website.

Zoro continues to enjoy amazing growth from its humble beginnings with 2019 revenues reaching nearly $2 billion

Therefore, it made perfect sense for our team to team up with Zoro.

As a result, Braided Ground Straps from Falconer Electronics found a new home on Zoro. 

Click here to view Ground Straps from Falconer Electronics on Zoro

Online Marketplaces



Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for reading this post. 

For more information on Falconer Electronics, please click these helpful links: 

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