Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

Why use social media you may ask? In particular, our friends in manufacturing. There are many ways to utilize social media websites for your business. They are free to use and can be a great marketing tool to get your information out. The content posted on each platform can be informative or even funny to get people to know what kind of business you have.

We work with many small manufacturers. In discussions, these manufacturers share they commonly struggle with tackling new Social Media Marketing strategies. To follow up on our recent blog series on New Product Development, we have started a new blog series on B2B Marketing.

For those new to social media efforts, we decided to offer a quick snapshot of each social media platform that we currently utilize. Particularly for those in manufacturing who are eager to jump on board.

Social Media Sites

Facebooksocial, Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

There are many different ways to utilize Facebook for a business. Pages can be created by just a click of a button, and be a great place to show what your business is all about. You can include information about business hours, location, contact information, and some history of the company.

Here are some advantages to using Facebook:

  • Free (our favorite word)
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to schedule and edit posts
  • Multiple people can create posts
  • People can like, react, comment, and share posts

Here is a link to Our Facebook page.

social, Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersLinkedIn

What is LinkedIn you might ask? LinkedIn is a professional networking site helping to expand your professional profile and network. This is a great site to really expand on what your business has to offer.  The site has more established business professionals on it, so the content can be more technical and industry based.

Here are some advantages to using LinkedIn:

  • Free (still our favorite word)
  • Easy to navigate
  • People can like, comment and share posts
  • Ability to track:
    • Followers
    • Post impressions
    • Engagement
    • Click-Through Rate

Here is a link to Our LinkedIn Page. 

social, Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersTwitter

This social media platform can be used in multiple ways to help with your business. This platform is different because it is less formal. Twitter uses Microblogging, which is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create short messages to be posted and shared with an audience online.

Here are some advantages to using Twitter:

  • Free (did we mention this is our favorite word)
  • Only have 280 characters to say what you want
  • Use of Hashtags
  • Worldwide, international coverage
  • Less intrusive

Here is a link to Our Twitter Page. 

social, Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersHootsuite

Hootsuite? What is that? Well, Hootsuite is the best way to manage your social platforms. It is a great tool in order to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, WordPress, and YouTube. This site allows you to monitor those platforms as well as post on them. This is great for someone just getting started in the social media world!

Here are some advantages of using HootSuite:

  • Free for:
    • 3 social platforms
    • basic analytics
    • up to 30 scheduled posts at a time
  • Ability to schedule posts
  • Post both pictures and plain text on whatever platform you may be using

Wanna give it a try? Check it out:

social, Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersYouTube

Everyone uses YouTube to look up those funny cat videos and silly pranks people are talking about, but have you ever tried it for your business? This is a great site to be able to try out new commercial ideas or even to show off what your business has to offer. Videos speak louder than words.

Here are some advantages of using YouTube:

  • Free, great way to try out new ideas
  • Ability to track:
    • Views
    • Comments
    • Likes
    • Watch time
  • Feedback on those new ideas

Here is a link to Our YouTube page.

social, Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersQuora

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. It’s less tangible than Google pay-per-click advertising and not as creatively appealing as a video project.

Some advantages of using Quora:

  • Allows for collaboration of thoughts
  • Answer question related to your business
    • Including:
  • Free website (Seeing a theme here?)
  • Wide range of people
  • Products and features

Here is a link to Our Quora page.

Let’s Connect

Thank you for reading our post on Social Media platforms. As we continue our series on B2B Marketing, please check back for additional posts on social media marketing strategies for manufacturers.



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