Are you cold today? Freezing? January is certainly living up to chilly expectations. In most parts of the country anyway. Well at Falconer Electronics, we like to Think Warm. Even though thermostats in our neck of the woods are flirting with single digits, things are heating up here. We like to think we have an extremely Magnetic Team here at Falconer Electronics. We also like to light things up! Of course, the pun is intended in this case. Especially since Falconer Electronics expanded into Magnetic Based Work Lights last year.

Magnetic Based Work Lights Allow You to Work Hands-Free

Magnetic Based Work Lights, Thinking Warm with Magnetic Based Work Lights at Falconer Electronics

Magnetic Based Work Lights offer you tremendous value. Working hands-free allows you to tackle any job. With both hands available to conquer your project and plenty of additional light, you are now unstoppable! Look out, Tim Allen (Wow, that was SO 1990’s). How about “Flip or Flop” on HGTV?

Anyway, we work extremely hard to help BRIGHTEN your day. Oops! Another pun. Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves. These Magnetic Based Work Lights are created and assembled right here in the USA. Rugged. Durable. Long lasting.

These heavy-duty work lights deliver the necessary lighting to tackle challenging projects. Perfect for industrial and warehouse settings. Lights also work great for the office and home use. Especially for those of you weekend warriors who love to tinker in the garage.

Looking for Trouble? We have Trouble Lights hoping to keep you out of trouble. In addition, check out these Magnetic Spotlights that offer a wide range of solutions.

Magnetic Based Work Lights, Thinking Warm with Magnetic Based Work Lights at Falconer Electronics

LED Flashing Lights that work perfectly as a safe alternative to dangerous roadside flares. We also manufacture MSHA-approved LED Mine Lights and much more.

For more info on electronics manufacturing as well as all of the other fun things happening at Falconer Electronics, please check out our blog here.

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