Light Switch Manufacturing: Soldering & Assembly

Custom Light Switch Manufacturing 

Companies of Light Switch Manufacturing and Lighting Control seek our expertise in soldering. Falconer Electronics can provide either a complete turnkey comprehensive solution as well as a customized plan for your project.

Our soldering team brings over 100 years of combined experience. It is essential to partner with a seasoned custom manufacturer that you can trust.

Lighted Light Switch Manufacturing 

Properly conducted materials planning and procurement enable efficient production. However, many facilities do not give this manufacturing requirement the attention it needs. Mishandled inventory causes inefficient production leading to unnecessarily increased costs. However, Falconer Electronics provides achieved proficiency with this manufacturing complexity due to their many years of production expertise.

Fast turnaround is the end result of proficient planning while controlling costs is absolutely essential. Due to constant business challenges, increasing your efficiency and profitability is our highest priority.

Since manufacturing is the pre-production benchmark that guarantees post-production satisfaction this benchmark lies in the building of quality prototypes. Falconer Electronics produces quantity assemblies for a variety of clients from residential electrical hardware to large retail store display electromechanical assemblies.

This product example includes components that are used in residential electrical applications for lighted on/off wall switches.

Light Switch Manufacturing, Light Switch Manufacturing: Soldering & Assembly

Lighted Light Switch  

Quality Control

Another benefit at FEI, quality control follows every step through the production process. This ensures that superior product is manufactured every time. Wire Harness AssembliesGround Straps and Commercial Power Strips are areas of expertise at FEI.

Also, Falconer Electronics often assembles products that meet stringent UL specifications. Falconer Electronics can assist in obtaining the challenging quality assurance process on behalf of their customers. This includes handling the entire process with CSA, ETL or UL.

The mission of Falconer Electronics is to provide customers with assemblies built to their unique specifications. Resulting in the most economical cost while maintaining the highest quality workmanship and on-time delivery. Therefore, this is why at Falconer Electronics, “Made in the USA” means high quality and customer satisfaction.

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