LED Uses: FEI’s Top 10 Favorite Uses for LED Lighting

There are so many different LED uses. LED lights are useful anywhere from concert venues to home pools. Businesses are also using them at conventions and events. Surprisingly, there are even cost-effective party supplies that you can purchase for your own events at home. Below are our top 10 picks of uses for LED lighting. Some are practical for purposes and others are purely for entertainment.

Event Lighting


Out of all LED uses, lanyards are something that we didn’t know needed improvement. However, now that we have seen their improvements we never want to go back to the old style. Conventions use ID tags and lanyards to keep track of the attendees. Some conventions even require them for any extra activities or for meals. Therefore, these tags are important. They are also worn for the majority if not entirety of the convention.

Often time attendees will keep ID tags and their lanyards as keepsakes. A convention usually provides a plastic covering that is attached to a lanyard. This is not only for protection. Also, it is for easy transportation and keeps the tags close by to attendees at all time. It truly is the perfect opportunity to take something of use and also make it fun.


Something else on our list of LED Uses is Light up Wristbands. They have a lot of different applications. Concert-goers have seen them either on stage or in the crowds. They are also useful within the media. Therefore, even T.V. shows who are taking advantage of this great technology. One T.V. show, in particular, has based the majority of its crowd interaction on these light up accessories.

The show Winsanity recently got added to Netflix. However, it has been on the air since 2016 on the Game Show Network. What is the basis of this show? Every audience member is given a “Winwatch”. Therefore, throughout the show, these watches glow to indicate that certain audience members have been selected either to win prizes or play the game. Pretty Cool right? We think so!


Bridge Lighting

There are many different LED Uses. One, in particular, has become an attraction for many city goers. Bridge lighting. Many cities have embraced the attraction of LED lighting. Along with the lighting, often times they will set these light shows to music. As you can watch below, in Memphis they put on an entire show with their LED bridge lighting set to the song Walking in Memphis.

Audubon Light Show

There are so many other attractions that have been made with LED lighting. There are holiday shows at parks and preserves every year. Below is a video of a holiday light show at an Audubon Outdoor Preserve. The LED lights created an entire atmosphere. Along with the many displays, there were also interactive elements. Furthermore, with the use of LED lighting, the seasons come to life.

Home Uses

Pool lights

When you have a pool it isn’t just for yourself. Often times, when the weather is nice, everyone calls their friend with a pool. Due to this, gatherings can happen at any time of day or night. Therefore, pool lighting is important. Also, lighting can serve multiple purposes. As you will see in the video below there are two main reasons to have pool lighting. The first is for aesthetics. LED lighting can add ambiance to any pool. The second is for safety. A well-lit pool can help prevent unnecessary injuries. For more information watch the video below for some helpful pool lighting tips.


Christmas is a time for spending time with family and friends. A favorite past time for many is checking out the displays that people put up in their yards. However, without LEDs, these incredible displays would not be possible. Christmas displays are one of the best-LED uses. They can be simple or they can be extravagant. Either way, they are worth checking out.

LED Uses for Entertaining

Party Supplies

Another great use for LEDs is for party supplies. Any party or event can be elevated with some LED lighting. Some creative LED additions could be balloons, ice cubes, or even glasses. There are other LED uses for parties as well. Many party favors have LEDs in them. Therefore some of those party favors that the kids receive at their friends’ birthdays will have the extra attraction of lighting up.

  LED uses, LED Uses: FEI’s Top 10 Favorite Uses for LED Lighting


Another intriguing use of LEDs is in clothing. By adding LEDs to your clothing you can become a part of the entertainment. LEDs can be used for anything that you can wear. As you can watch below they can also be used as props. Not only is LED clothing interesting but they also open the door for multiple opportunities. A look can change in seconds due to LEDs. Also, LEDs add another element to what can be deemed a typical wardrobe.

LED Uses in Pet Accessories

Collars/ Leashes

LEDs are not just for humans. Pet accessories have started to include LEDs as well. Leashes and collars with LEDs are used to make our furry friends more visible. This can prevent accidents or even make it easier to locate them. How often do people walk their dogs at night? Or even on really foggy days? By adding LEDs everyday pet accessories become safer.


Think back to when you were a kid and they had the Nerf light up or glow in the dark toys. Weren’t they some of the coolest things? You could go out in your yard after the sun went down and play with your friends. Pets also love to play outside. To them, it doesn’t matter what time of day. Dogs especially are always willing to take their favorite toy with them, no matter where they are going. Light up dog toys add to the fun for the humans and the pets alike. Also, there is the added benefit that if the toys get left behind while playing outside they are easily found and returned to the pet that loves them. Therefore, LED pet toys not only extend playtime possibilities but can help you return your furry friends’ favorite toy to them.

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