MSHA Approved Permissible LED Mine Lights * Made in USA

LED Mine Lights

Falconer Electronics has produced LED mine lights for over 20 years. These LED lights have served in mines all throughout the U.S.

Permissible Flashing Signal Lamps from Falconer Electronics have approval by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

MSHA works diligently to provide education.

They also, provide guidance to improve safety as well as, improving health conditions for all miners.

J100 Permissible LED Flashing Lights are ideal under hazardous conditions. 

These Mine Lights are available in:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Also, a combination Amber-Red lamp

Each light includes 40 LED’s.

Furthermore, these LED’s provide the necessary brightness under warning situations.

Mining Lamps at Falconer Electronics offer many benefits:

  • Lamps are durable
  • They contain shock-resistant plastic
  • In addition to being, environmentally friendly
  • They are also long lasting
  • All lamps include, easy replace batteries
  • Along with, being indestructible 
  • Proudly, they are Made in USA
  • Lights do not have any toxic flame or smoke
  • Also, they are water resistant
  • Furthermore, they come with a 1 year product guarantee

LED Roadside Flares

Falconer Electronics’ LED Mine Lights have many uses. 

Due to customer demand, we are now offering these heavy-duty lights as a substitute for roadside flares.

Furthermore, there is a need for a safer option over highly unsafe flares that are fire lit.

Roadside flares can be dangerous as well as, extremely difficult to use during poor weather conditions.

Have you ever tried lighting a flare during a terrible rain or snow storm?

Inclement weather is typically a culprit that can cause an emergency situation to begin with.

These LED Flashing Lights at Falconer Electronics are non-incendiary.

Also, they are the perfect alternative to traditional roadside flares.

They will not deteriorate in storage unlike flares.

Therefore, they are much safer and also last longer.

Furthermore, these lamps emit no flame or toxic smoke. Consequently, residue clean up is never a worry.

LED Roadside Warning Lights are available in:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • In addition to Red

Each light comes with an orange base.

Also, these safety lights can be purchased individually here.


LED Mine Lights, MSHA Approved Permissible LED Mine Lights * Made in USA

LED Flashing Lamps at Falconer Electronics

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