Industrial Power Strips: A Falconer Electronics History

The Beginning of FEI’s Industrial Power Strips

Thirty years ago, Falconer Electronics Inc. (FEI) began work with Industrial Power Strips. During that time, we were commissioned to assemble 48” long power strips. This was for Bell South. Today, we know Bell South as AT&T. Over the next several years, FEI produced thousands of these power strips. As well as, sold them, to Bell South. Consequently, we still make variations of these Industrial Power Strips. However, now we are able to customize them for different uses.

Changing Technology

Throughout the past thirty years, the basic structures of these Industrial Power Strips have stayed the same. However, there have been some minor changes. Especially, to the receptacle styles.

Changes to the Receptacles

  • Integration to the standard outlets to include USB receptacles.
  • As well as, HDMI receptacles.
  • This is along side the traditional three pronged design.
    • Some of the places that you can find these designs are:
      • Some cabinet designs use these types of outlets.
      • As well as, retail store displays.
      • This is in addition to store kiosks .

New Designs Featuring Smart Outlets

  • These “smart outlets” can sense when other outlets are in use.
  • Also, they are capable of preventing other outlets from turning on.

Inclusion of Different Components in Our Industrial Power Strips

  • In the past, these integrated components would include audio video.
  • This is in addition to HDMI hook ups.
  • However, the current need is for USB port capabilities.

Custom Designs

Most noteworthy, is the addition of these new types of outlets. We add these new outlets, while integrating custom designs for our customers. Therefore, our designs are set apart from other companies.

Industrial Power Strips, Industrial Power Strips: A Falconer Electronics History

Different Designs of Industrial Power Strips

Holiday Display Designs

During a past holiday season we were under commission to design an Industrial Power Strip for Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. Lowe’s had a need for custom outlets. They were looking for a specific design. This was due to having to power their Christmas tree display. Therefore, we set out to design a custom configured multi outlet strip. It was one that would serve the stores needs.

Electrical Drop Boxes

Another custom composition FEI manufacturers, is their Electrical drop boxes. These drop boxes provide interface wiring between buildings. As well as, outlet strips. Also, there is an added convenience with these drop boxes. They can be easily hidden into ceilings when they are not in use. The drop box design saves on space. Furthermore, it is convenient for temporary display aisles.

Wrapping It Up

All of our Industrial Power Strips are UL or ETL listed. Also, they go through thorough rigorous testing. This testing is to insure they meet safety requirements. Each of our outlet strips are open to customization. Especially, to satisfy any customer need. Furthermore, we have always taken pride in producing them for our customers.

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