Industrial Magnets

Heavy Duty Industrial Magnets

Falconer Electronics offers its signature line of Heavy Duty Industrial Magnets exclusively online. Customers love using our magnets in industrial settings. Each magnet is produced with a coating that is corrosion and temperature resistant. Falconer Electronics Signature Industrial Magnets are exclusively produced in the USA at our manufacturing facility. Also, we back up every magnet with our 1 Year Product Guarantee.

Magnets are produced from raw magnet material and then enclosed in epoxy or urethane. The raw material of these Heavy Duty Industrial Magnets consists of either ceramic or neodymium.

Neo what, you ask? Let’s dig a little deeper into each raw magnet. We turn to the Magnet Materials Producers Association and the Standard Specifications for Permanent Magnet Materials for a thorough explanation:

Ceramic Magnets

“Ceramic magnets are generally formed by a compression or extrusion molding technique which is then followed by sintering. Finish grinding or shaping, when necessary for better control of dimensions, is normally done by using diamond grinding wheels. The material to be molded can be in either a dry powder or wet slurry form. Magnetic performance can be increased in a preferred direction by applying a magnetic field in that direction during the molding process.”

Neodymium Magnets

“The rare earth magnet alloys are usually formed by powder metallurgical processes. The magnetic performance of all grades is optimized by applying a magnetic field during the pressing operation, thus producing a preferred direction of magnetization. Pressing and aligning techniques can substantially vary the degree of orientation and the residual induction (Br) of the finished magnet.”

Magnetic Work Lights 

These magnets have multiple uses. All Falconer Electronics Magnetic Work Lights come equipped with our rugged and durable magnets.  The line of Magnetic Work Lights includes Fluorescent Lights, Magnetic Spot Lights, and Magnetic Trouble Lights.

Magnetic 13 Watt Fluorescent Lamp w/25' Cord Magnetic 5-1/2" Spot Light with 25' Cord Magnetic Trouble Light with Metal Guard and 50' Cord

Industrial Magnets Shapes and Sizes 
Our Industrial Magnets have an outstanding work ethic! Reliable, dependable, and willing to tackle any project. They never oversleep or call in sick either. Interested in having these magnets join your team? Click here.
Below are class photos of this year’s roster:
M-1 Stock Magnet - 28 lb Pull #4C Stock Magnet - 45 lb Pull


Magnetic Pickup Tools

Falconer Electronics’s Magnetic Pickup Tool is ideal for the retrieval of ferrous metal materials. This durable retrieval tool is produced with a Heavy Duty Industrial Magnet that is attached to a 48″ wooden handle with die cast zinc clamps.

Magnetic Pickup Tool


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