protocol 80 + Inbound Marketing = Hitting Goals

Inbound Marketing with protocol 80

Falconer Electronics had the privilege of working with protocol 80 this past year. This program was made possible through a partnered effort with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Jamestown Community College. The program provided the guidance to kick-start a new Inbound Marketing initiative. The entire staff at protocol 80 far exceeded our expectations. Owners Josh Curcio and Donny Kemick along with their team are true experts in Inbound Marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing, protocol 80 +  Inbound Marketing = Hitting GoalsBeing a custom manufacturer since 1985, our company was built on personal relationships while making connections through word of mouth. Keys to our long-term success includes solving customer problems with high satisfaction levels.

Over 0ur 30+ year history, the world has changed drastically with technology and modern methods of communication. In particular, Inbound Marketing and social media. As with many manufacturers, our company was slow to adjust.

Our staff was eager and excited to jump into this project with protocol 80. Their team specializes in B2B Inbound Marketing. In particular, their expertise targets working with small manufacturers who struggle with digital marketing and social media engagement.

The team at protocol 80 also provided the necessary guidance to understand the entire customer purchasing process. Starting with creating a customer persona, walking through the buyer’s journey, mapping the sales process and maintaining customer engagement.

They educated our staff on identifying social media platforms that best suited our target market. This is extremely important for a company with digital immigrants targeting many digital immigrants. The protocol 80 team were helpful in communicating our company message as well as finding potential clients to engage.

New E-commerce Store 

Thanks to the new found tools and marketing ammunition that protocol 80 provided, it was decided to aggressively expand and diversify. This past year we launched a brand new e-commerce store which includes a proprietary product line of magnetic work lights, ground straps, LED flashing lights and commercial power strips.

Now businesses and consumers alike have the opportunity to purchase directly from the manufacturer. New customers include a Fortune 500 company (actually top 300) that is brightening their day with brand new magnetic spotlights. LED lights shipped to Puerto Rico after the horrible hurricane. Trouble lights shipped to John in Syracuse who loves to tinker in his garage. An industrial supplier now offering our Power Strips to government agencies. Also, we recently received an RFQ for tens of thousands of Ground Straps for a major manufacturer in the U.S.

Wire Harness Estimator 

Another big leap of faith for our company was launching the brand new Falconer Electronics Wire Harness Estimator. This program offers customers the ability to receive an estimate within minutes. This process used to take hours or even days.

This fantastic tool makes it simple and easy for new customers to gather pricing information. For example, a major solar company needed pricing and wire harnesses quickly. The Wire Harness Estimator allowed them to gather pricing fast and easy for their project. They are now a valued customer.


Lastly, under the guidance from protocol 80, our company started blogging this past year. Being extremely tentative, we started slowly by blogging once a month. Then up to once a week. Now our goal is 6-8 blogs per month.

Our staff is thoroughly enjoying the process and we are having fun creating valuable content to connect with new customers. As a result, traffic to our website has increased dramatically (400% since November). Therefore, the increase in traffic brought numerous new leads and new sales started rolling in over the past few months.

A Big Thanks to protocol 80 

We truly feel this newfound strategy delivers an unlimited opportunity for Falconer Electronics. Therefore, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Josh Curcio, Ashley Wilson-Rew and the rest of the protocol 80 team. They provided the tools, knowledge, and resources to modernize our company.

Bottom line, we find p80 priceless. Especially facing increasingly intense global competition.

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