We Love the Smell of Ground Straps in the Morning

“We Love the Smell of Ground Straps in the Morning!” 

Can you name the movie that we “borrowed” this quote from? 


“Apocalypse Now” with Robert Duvall roaming the beach completely unfazed by the bombs dropping around him as he belts out, “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.” 

Ground Straps in the Morning & the Afternoon too

Ground Straps in the morning, We Love the Smell of Ground Straps in the Morning

Well, our team loves the smell of Ground Straps in the morning. The afternoon as well for that matter. 

Falconer Electronics produces thousands upon thousands of Ground Straps

We take tremendous pride with each unit knowing every Braided Ground Strap that leaves our facility serves a greater purpose. 

Ground Straps act as an incredibly valuable resource by:

  • Preventing shocks
  • Protecting people as well as expensive equipment 
  • Saving lives
  • Also protecting animals (live stock fencing) 

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Avoiding unwanted electrical shocks certainly makes your morning go much smoother. 

Actually, Ground Straps can “Go ahead and make my day”. Oops. Sorry, that’s another movie. 

Anyway, Ground Straps play a vital role with providing safety to electrical devices, equipment and most importantly, people. 

Furthermore, Braided Ground Straps protect individuals from electrostatic discharge (ESD). 

Ground Straps are comprised of tinned copper braid wire capped with metal terminals. 

The braided wire is made up of small wire strands braided together. 

Braided wire serves as a viable conductor tackling difficult jobs due to its strength and toughness. 

With strong resistance to corrosion combined with excellent conductivity, Ground Straps offer an efficient and cost effective method of preventing electrical shocks. 

Additionally, tinned copper braids are easy to solder which results in an extremely reliable and durable product. 

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Wrapping It Up

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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