Library of Ground Strap Blog Posts at Falconer Electronics

Over the years, we have accumulated an impressive library of Ground Strap blog posts. 

As Ground Strap junkies, we eat, breath and sleep Ground Straps (we know, you are thinking, “What a bunch of nerds!”). 

Well, by chance that you share our enthusiasm for Ground Straps, you will love this wide range of helpful information from our library of Ground Strap Blog Posts. 

Let’s take a look. 

Ground Straps in the Movies (at least we wish they were) 

Ground Strap Blog, Library of Ground Strap Blog Posts at Falconer Electronics

Who says talking about Ground Straps can’t be a little fun?

Being movie fanatics, we just could not help ourselves but create a bunch of blogs about Ground Straps in the movies.  

Below includes a few posts that include some of our favorite movies: 


Making Ground Straps That Customers Can’t Refuse

Making Ground Straps that customers can’t refuse. That is our mission here at Falconer Electronics. 

Due to popular demand, we expanded our line of Braided Ground Straps

Therefore, borrowing this line from one of the most famous movie quotes of all time just seems to fit: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” 


Famous Ground Strap Quotes (That Almost Made the Movies)

Today, let’s discuss “Almost Famous” Ground Strap Quotes that didn’t quite make it. 

You may not have realized how prevalent of a role that Ground Straps have played in movies over the years. 

However, when it came time for filming, many lines changed prior to final cut. 

Unfortunately, in most cases Ground Straps were cut out of numerous classic movies. 

For example, are you familiar with this line: “Ground Straps? We ain’t got no Ground Straps! We don’t need no Ground Straps!”

~The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948


We Love the Smell of Ground Straps in the Morning

“We Love the Smell of Ground Straps in the Morning!” 

Can you name the movie that we “borrowed” this quote from? 


“Apocalypse Now” with Robert Duvall roaming the beach completely unfazed by the bombs dropping around him as he belts out, “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.” 


Informational Ground Strap Blog Posts 

Ground Strap Blog, Library of Ground Strap Blog Posts at Falconer Electronics

This round includes several informational blog posts including our World Famous: The Official Ground Strap Resource Guide.

Ok, well maybe not world famous but we sure are proud of it. 


Who Knew There Were So Many Different Ground Strap Names?

Who knew there were so many different ground strap names?
This can be confusing. 
Over the past few years, we started noticing that customers use a variety of names for ground straps
In particular, various industries or even different parts of the country use a wide array of ground strap names. 


Bonding and Ground Straps: What is the Difference?

Bonding and ground straps are terms that people often make the mistake of using interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing. While their jobs are similar in nature there are very important differences. Also, their functionality is almost opposite to each other.


Heavy Duty Ground Straps: The Type That Grandma Would Be Proud To Use

Let’s talk Heavy Duty Ground Straps! Not just any type of Ground Straps.

We mean HEAVY DUTY Ground Straps. Hard Core. Fierce. Down and Dirty. Rugged. Tough as Nails. Relentless. Tenacious.

Climbing Mount Everest…..without any oxygen….type of Heavy Duty Ground Straps.

Hall of Fame Linebacker Heavy Duty Ground Straps: Think Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Brian Urlacher (for all of the Bears fans out there). The Jack Lambert and Lawrence Taylor type of tough (for the non-Bears fans).

Running A Tough Mudder……backward……in ski boots……on a 100-degree day………without water………….being tasered the entire course….while also being chased by pit bulls…….. type of tough.

We are talking, “Grandma Would Be Proud of You” Type of Heavy Duty Ground Straps


Ground Straps: The Official Ground Strap Resource Guide

Researching Ground Straps? Well, you have come to the right place. 

As a Ground Strap Manufacturer since 1985, we have a saying when it comes to Ground Straps: When in Doubt – Ground It! 

We love keeping our customers grounded. Ground Straps keep you and your customers from harm’s way. 

That is why we take such pride in the products we produce. 


Ground Strap Blog Posts on Safety 

Grounding: Electrical Safety or Teenage Angst

Grounding? You mean I’m grounded?! The word “grounding” is certainly never one you want to hear as a teenager.

Especially from your parents. Grounding means no car. No smartphones, tablets or other devices. No sleepovers.

You are basically under house arrest. Oh, the humanity! It certainly pays to mind your manners.

In other words, try to stay out of trouble.

Anyway, the term “Grounding” for this discussion refers to safety. Phew!

Great stuff to discuss when it comes to electrical products. Grounding returns live electrical circuits to the earth or ground.

This keeps individuals safe from live wires or currents.


Heavy Duty Braided Ground Straps Deliver Safety & Dependability

You’re Grounded! Typically not a welcomed expression. Especially during those tough teenage years.

Well, when discussing Braided Ground Straps, “You’re Grounded” means safety and dependability. 

Electrical currents power the world. Can you imagine life without electricity? Wow! How on earth did our poor ancestors survive without it?

However, electrical currents deliver a powerful force. Unfortunately, without the proper safety and precaution, dangerous and unwanted results can occur.


Not Using Ground Straps Can Be a Shocking Experience

Ground Straps literally serve as life savers.

Especially since not using Ground Straps can be a Shocking Experience.

Staying grounded means keeping level headed with your feet on the ground (as well as above ground). 

However, not being ground can lead to….bad times. 



Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder 

Ground Strap Blog, Library of Ground Strap Blog Posts at Falconer Electronics


3/4″ Ground Straps Now Available on the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

Due to popular demand, Falconer Electronics now offers 3/4″ Ground Straps. 

This is in addition to the options of 1/4″ Ground Straps as well as 1/2″ Ground Straps.  

Many heavy-duty industrial projects require a larger-sized Ground Strap. 


Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder: When in Doubt – Ground It!

Introducing the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder at Falconer Electronics: 

  • Build Your Own Custom Ground Strap
  • Powerful and Resourceful Software Tool 
  • Takes Only 60 Seconds or Less 
  • Buy Manufacturer Direct & Save 
  • No RFQ Wait Time * No Frustration * No Obligation 
  • Made in USA 


Eliminating the Dreaded RFQ for Ground Straps at Falconer Electronics

Ahh…..the dreaded RFQ. 

To sum up, the dreaded RFQ process can be described as cumbersome and stressful. 

Speaking with professionals in purchasing, they will tell you one of the biggest sources of frustration lies with waiting for a response to a request for quote.  

Waiting for the dreaded RFQ wastes time and resources as well as hurts profits. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for those of you in new product development if you could receive a quote immediately?

It’s not that the vendor doesn’t want to get an accurate quote in your hands as quickly as possible. 

Especially with small manufacturers. They simply lack the necessary resources to do so, such as technology, staff and most importantly time. 


Ground Straps on Amazon 

Ground Strap Blog, Library of Ground Strap Blog Posts at Falconer Electronics

Ground Straps from Falconer Electronics Now Available on Amazon

This past year has been extremely exciting for our company. Falconer Electronics recently joined the eCommerce party going on at Amazon.  

Why did we join the party? 

Due to popular demand from our eCommerce store, we decided to take the plunge and place our Ground Straps on Amazon. 




Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for reading this post. 

Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click these helpful links below: 

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