FuzeHub: Dedicated to Helping New York State’s Manufacturing Industry

Exciting news! New York manufacturers now have another incredible resource to turn to for guidance and assistance: FuzeHub. 

FuzeHub is a not-for-profit organization that connects New York’s small and mid-sized manufacturing companies to the resources, programs and expertise they need for technology commercialization, innovation as well as business growth.

The team at FuzeHub also helps companies navigate New York’s robust network of industry experts at Manufacturing Extension Partners (MEP) centers, universities, economic development organizations as well as other service providers.

FuzeHub is the statewide New York MEP center, supported by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation (NYSTAR).

Furthermore, FuzeHub provides New York State manufacturers as well as technology companies with guided access to an extensive network of industry experts.

In addition, FuzeHub also offers programs to help solve productivity, commercialization, research and development issues, as well as tackles other challenges to growth.

FuzeHub’s programs champion the New York State manufacturing and technology community with providing targeted resources to accelerate manufacturing competitiveness as well as technology commercialization.

The FuzeHub team consists of experienced manufacturing and business professionals who are knowledgeable to New York State’s vast technology, research, engineering, as well as equipment assets.

For example, manufacturing specialists at FuzeHub work one-on-one with your company. In addition, domain experts engage as needed to analyze your specific needs and opportunities.

Most importantly, FuzeHub offers expedited, hands-on, and highly effective connections to the best solution for your manufacturing and innovation needs.

Steve Melito at FuzeHub 

FuzeHub, FuzeHub: Dedicated to Helping New York State’s Manufacturing Industry

Steve Melito is the voice and pen of FuzeHub’s Solutions Program. He’s usually the first person you’ll speak with when you contact FuzeHub for assistance. He’s also a prolific writer.

As part of his support for the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYMEP), Steve is the voice of the New York Manufacturing Now podcast as well as a regular contributor to FuzeHub’s marketing efforts and its Manufacturer Solutions Program.

Steve Melito is also the founder and co-owner of Thunderbolt Business Services, an industrial marketing agency in Adams, Massachusetts (USA). Steve started Thunderbolt 10 years ago when manufacturers noticed his work for an engineering community and asked him to help them reach their target audiences.

Today, Thunderbolt serves manufacturing and technology companies across North America as well as provides digital marketing services that include content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, podcasting, press releases, marketing automation, and tradeshow support.

A graduate of Colgate University (B.A.) and Southern Methodist University (M.A), Steve lives in the Berkshires but is also the current chair of the News & Website Committee for The Los Angeles Group (TLARGI). He is also a former member of the Sales and Marketing Committee for the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD).

Let’s learn more about FuzeHub from Steve Melito: 

FuzeHub Programs Include…

Start Up, Grow Up.

Get the innovation, commercialization as well as the business development assistance your NYS manufacturing start up needs from A to Z.

FuzeHub provides guidance on the following: 

  • Technology Scouting 
  • Technology Transfer 
  • Commercialization Services & Professionals 
  • Business Services: Planning & Development
  • Funding & Grant Assistance
  • Small Business Programs & Support
  • Proof of Concept & Prototype Development Innovation
  • Growth & Production Scale Up
  • Site Selection & Fit Up

Click here to learn more: Start Up, Grow Up

FuzeHub Build4Scale 

Are you ready to Scale from Prototype to Production? 

The FuzeHub Build4Scale NY program offers many invaluable benefits to assist and grow your start-up and small companies. Live workshops provide key insight into difficult production issues and offer useful tools to help you evade design and production pitfalls that were maybe avoidable.

The FuzeHub Build4Scale Program offers a wealth of helpful workshops and webinars. 

Click here to learn more: Build4Scale Events

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Access our supply chain experts and services to secure your competitive advantage.

Manufacturing supply chain success also depends on the success and quality of its suppliers. For small and medium suppliers – staying competitive means keeping up with the innovative changes as well as the demands of your larger customers.

Click here to learn more: Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Engineer Your Future 

Most importantly, FuzeHub offers extra capacity and expertise at your fingertips

Years of outsourcing and the changing nature of manufacturing work has shifted the landscape of production technology and readily available expertise.

Especially since, access to highly skilled engineering, design and production expertise along with cutting edge rapid prototyping capabilities are essential factors for your growth and competitiveness.

Click here to learn more: Engineer Your Future

Innovate Your Process 

Lastly, staying competitive means keeping pace with advanced technologies, new process and people.

For example, is Additive Manufacturing a potential option for your parts?

Furthermore, are there new robotics, materials processing, or automation that you could be taking advantage of?

Finding the right technologies to incorporate into your manufacturing that make sense for where your business is currently at and where you would like it to be in the future are areas where FuzeHub can provide guidance.

Click here to learn more: Innovate Your Process

Wrapping It Up 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

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