FEI Celebrates 35 Years as Wire Harness Manufacturer

Falconer Electronics Inc. (FEI) is proud to be celebrating 35 years in business after humble beginnings.  In 1985, Falconer Electronics (FEI) a New York manufacturer was born in a garage.  Defying the odds and mortality rates of small businesses, FEI is proud to have overcome. FEI has several employees with over 25 years of service as well as the majority of the staff have been with them between 10-20 years.  FEI has survived in large part because they value their team and their clients.

  • Manufacturing in United States for September 2020 was down six percent year over year according to Trading Economic. 

November 16, 2020   Falconer, NY USA

Wire Harness Excellence at FEI 

FEI, FEI Celebrates 35 Years as Wire Harness Manufacturer

Falconer Electronics (FEI) was founded in 1985 out of a garage and celebrating 35 years of business.  Despite a drop off of 6 percent in United States manufacturing for September 2020, FEI is doing well as a major ground strap, commercial power strip and wire harness manufacturer.

Most businesses never reach their 10th birthday.  For example, as few as 4 out of 100 businesses statistically stay open for at least 10 years. The key to success for FEI as wire harness manufacturers has been their dedication to first class customer service.  In particular, starting with the estimate.  Especially since prospects can receive a custom estimate in seconds using their quote tool.  Businesses that take care of their customers needs from quote to delivery are most likely to make it no matter the industry, including those like FEI in the globally competitive wire harness manufacturer business.

Wire Harness Manufacturers provide services to complete the wire harness assembly process to their clients. A wire harness is an assembly of wires, cables as well as connectors that transmit electric power or signals.

The future for wire harness manufacturing looks bright thanks to telecommunications as well as the automobile industry.  Economists also forecast wire harness manufacturers over the next 4 years will realize an overall global market growth rate of 5%.

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