Famous Ground Strap Quotes (That Almost Made the Movies)

Today, let’s discuss “Almost Famous” Ground Strap Quotes that didn’t quite make it. 

You may not have realized how prevalent of a role that Ground Straps have played in movies over the years. 

However, when it came time for filming, many lines changed prior to final cut. 

Unfortunately, in most cases Ground Straps were cut out of numerous classic movies. 

For example, are you familiar with this line: “Ground Straps? We ain’t got no Ground Straps! We don’t need no Ground Straps!”

~The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948

For some unknown reason they changed the lines to say “badges” instead of Ground Straps

Obviously this is deeply disappointing and we are not exactly sure why these lines were changed. 

Well, as they say in the movies, the rest is history (at least it seems like they say that). 

In reality, we have an extensive list of our favorite movies……..that originally were meant to include Famous Ground Strap Quotes which unfortunately changed. 

A little Trivia for you…..can you name the movie from the quotes below….(which were all SUPPOSED to say “Ground Straps“)? 

Famous Ground Strap Quotes (that never were) 

  2. “Life is like a box of Ground Straps.”
  3. “May the Ground Strap be with you.” 
  4. “Go ahead, make my Ground Strap.”
  5. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a Ground Strap.” 
  6. “I’m going to make him a Ground Strap that he can’t refuse.”
  7. “I love the smell of Ground Straps in the morning.”
  8. “Strap. Ground Strap.” 
  9. “You’re going to need a bigger Ground Strap.”
  10. “Houston, we have a Ground Strap.”
  11. “Yo, Ground Strap.”
  12. “Hasta la vista Ground Strap.”
  13. “Ground Straps my dear Watson.” 
  14. “Nobody puts Ground Straps in the corner.” 
  15. “I’m king of the Ground Straps.”
  16. “You’re killing me, Ground Straps.”
  17. “Here is looking at you Ground Strap.”
  18. “I see Ground Straps.”
  19. “Ground Straps, for lack of a better word, is good.” 
  20. “Keep your friends close, but your Ground Straps closer.” 



  1. Jerry Maguire
  2. Forest Gump 
  3. Star Wars 
  4. Sudden Impact 
  5. Gone with the Wind 
  6. The Godfather 
  7. Apocalypse Now 
  8. James Bond 
  9. Jaws 
  10. Apollo 13 
  11. Rocky 
  12. Terminator 2
  13. Sherlock Holmes  
  14. Dirty Dancing
  15. Titanic  
  16. The Sandlot 
  17. Casablanca
  18. Sixth Sense 
  19. Wall Street 
  20. The Godfather II 

Wrapping It Up 

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