Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting

Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting

LED Lighting continues enjoying dramatic growth over recent years. Actually, it has been our privilege to participate in this trend for over 20 years. In fact, Falconer Electronics produces LED lighting products for many different industries. This includes our own proprietary product line, as well as numerous custom LED lighting products for customers. Current projects include commercial vehicle lighting, health care transportation, horticulture LED lights, MSHA approved LED mine lights and LED warning lights.

LED Lighting with Pick and Place Machine

Falconer Electronics utilizes the Novastar Pick and Place machine for assembling printed circuit boards with LED lights. Placing LED lights with surface mount technology offers many benefits.

A Pick and Place Machine delivers a dynamic environment where printed circuit boards are produced with high accuracy and reliability. Due to the machine’s ability to control the height and nozzle timing to ensure proper placement.

A pick and place machine also offers incredible speed and efficiency. The pick and place machine can place 3000 components per hour. This machine is especially ideal for our customers looking for prototypes and low volume runs.  A technologically advanced pick and place machine provides a nice competitive advantage when tackling printed circuit boards requiring LED lights.

Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting, Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting

LED Lighting for Horticulture 

Falconer Electronics produces LED Lights for the indoor horticulture market. This is an extremely exciting industry. Especially with the huge potential in the horticulture market. There are early signs of strong value with indoor lighting for horticulture use. LED lighting delivers a consistent light source that can definitely be scarce in the harsh winters of the Great Lakes Region where we are located. Solar energy cannot provide the consistency that LED lighting offers. 

Steve French, President of  Volt Vision, LED lighting design and electronics consulting firm designed the LED horticulture lights. French sees tremendous growth opportunities in this market and shares his bullish views, “Indoor LED lighting can drastically reduce overhead and operating costs for the grower since LED’s run at about 1/3 of the energy compared to alternative light sources”.

MSHA Approved Mine Lights 

MSHA approved mine lights are also manufactured with LED’s. Falconer Electronics produces LED Lighting that the mining industry finds rugged, durable and efficient. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-incendiary
  • Made in USA
  • 40 LED’s
  • 1 Year Product Warranty

Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting, Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting

LED Safety Lights 

Due to the popularity of the MSHA approved LED Lights, our team created a line of safety lights that work in the similar fashion. However, customers were looking for a roadside flare alternative. Also produced with same ruggedness and durability, these lights deliver a strong option to traditional roadside flares. These heavy duty LED Warning Lights offer tremendous benefits as opposed to using a lighted flare.

Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting, Falconer Electronics Produces LED Lighting

LED Safety Light

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