FALCONER, N.Y.June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Falconer Electronics, Inc. (FEI — https://falconerelectronics.com/instant-ground-strap-quote/) recently released a proprietary free software program to help facilitate easy requests-for-quotes regarding its custom-made ground straps. The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder allows customers to input data regarding specific ground strap requirements and then receive a near-instant email quote on those customizations. The entire five-step process is simple and often takes 60 seconds or less.

Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder, Falconer Electronics Inc. Releases New Software Program to Help Customize Their Products: Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

Five-Step QuoteBuilder

  1. RoHS Compliance: Lead or Lead Free. A simple click of YES or NO indicates choice.
  2. Width and Length: Select widths for the braided wire, either one-fourth or one-half inch, then select a custom length.
  3. A and B-Side Terminal Selection: Side A and B are both offered in five sizes. Simply choose the correct size needed for the job.
  4. Terminal Orientation: Select from a range of seven pictures which clearly delineate the orientations available.
  5. Quantity: The final question allows customers to pick the specific quantity needed.

After providing contact information, other customized quotes may be added on as necessary before the process is completed. Based on the answers provided, a quote is then immediately sent to the customer’s email address, containing clickable links that allow ease-of-purchase directly through the FEI ecommerce shopping cart.  

“Since launching our QuoteBuilder, many customers (including numerous Fortune 500 companies) have utilized this helpful tool to maximize their savings and minimize the time spent seeking requests-for-quotes,” said President of FEI, Roger Hall.

Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder, Falconer Electronics Inc. Releases New Software Program to Help Customize Their Products: Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

FEI Custom Ground Straps

FEI builds its in-stock ground straps in a multitude of lengths and sizes, for an array of industry uses. Purchasing directly from FEI allows savings not possible by working through middle-man suppliers.

  • Low to High Volume: Sometimes all that is needed is one strap. There are no minimums on the number of ground straps that can be ordered.
  • Stringent Quality Control: Every ground strap is tested by experts to ensure that the strap meets the highest standards possible.
  • Made in the USA: All straps are made directly in the FEI manufacturing facility, providing jobs to local technicians and experts.

A recent customer testimonial stated, “Thanks for the excellent service. The ability to easily configure and order custom ground straps is very valuable.”

About Falconer Electronics, Inc.

A ground strap and wire harness manufacturer since 1985, Falconer Electronics, Inc. had humble beginnings within in a garage. Since then, FEI attributes its 34 year success and growth to an all-star team, many of whom have been employed with FEI for decades. With an impressive customer list, including AT&T, Best Buy, Sony, Walmart and Lowe’s, FEI assemblies and ground straps can be found nearly anywhere, including the Pentagon. Learn more at: www.FalconerElectronics.com.

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