Falconer Electronics Featured on FuzeHub Podcast (NY MEP)

Falconer Electronics recently served as a guest on the FuzeHub podcast. Falconer Electronics of Falconer, NY manufactures ground straps and wire harnesses. The Chautauqua County company also makes ground straps and commercial power strips that are available via eCommerce. Today, Falconer’s customers can buy ground straps and commercial power strips not just through the company’s website, but also at Amazon and Walmart.com.

In a podcast with New York State Manufacturing Now, Falconer Electronics and its business consultant, Curt Anderson of B2Btail, tell FuzeHub’s Steve Melito about the manufacturer’s eCommerce experience. For small to medium-sized enterprises across New York State, Falconer’s story offers valuable lessons you can apply to your own business.

To listen the FuzeHub podcast featuring Falconer Electronics, please click here

FuzeHub: New York State MEP 

FuzeHub is a non-profit organization that serves as the statewide New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYMEP) center, supported by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology & Innovation. NYMEP is part of a National MEP Network funded by the National Institute of Standards & Technology and dedicated to helping small and mid-sized manufacturers with competitiveness as well as innovation.

FuzeHub provides New York State manufacturers and technology companies with guided access to our extensive network of industry experts, programs and assets to solve productivity, commercialization, research and development issues, as well as other challenges to growth.

FuzeHub’s programs champion the New York State manufacturing and technology community. In addition, FuzeHub provides targeted resources to accelerate manufacturing competitiveness and technology commercialization.

FuzeHub Podcast: Your NYS Manufacturing Industry Podcast

FuzeHub Podcast, Falconer Electronics Featured on FuzeHub Podcast (NY MEP)


NYS Manufacturing Now is premier FuzeHub podcast with three main goals:

The first, is to showcase new technologies and innovations developed right here in New York. The second, is to close the knowledge gap of small-medium size manufacturers about the NYS resources that can help them find solutions to business and technical challenges. The third is to tell the story of manufacturers across New York State.

Wrapping It Up 

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