Falconer Electronics Featured in Alibaba’s Digital Sprint Webinar Series for Manufacturers

Alibaba Group is hosting a free seminar, the Digital Sprint. This program targets US based small as well as medium (SMB) size manufacturers in November and December to wrap up 2020.  The lecture series has been named Digitization Sprint For US Manufacturers and Alibaba has teamed up with B2Btail to select the industry professionals to teach the courses.

John Caplan, President of Alibaba North America & Europe remarked in his recent Forbes articleHarnessing the power of digitization and making ecommerce a priority for your manufacturing business, no matter its size, is critical.”

With the desire to help US based SMB manufacturers take the digital plunge, Alibaba partnered with Curt Anderson, eCommerce Consultant for Manufacturers and founder of B2Btail.  This extremely exciting  program to help manufacturers pave the path on their Digital Transformation.  Curt is also the author of “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret: Manufacturing eCommerce Strategies” which is an eCommerce Resource guide for custom manufacturers.

Alibaba Digital Sprint eCommerce Webinar Series 

Digital Sprint, Falconer Electronics Featured in Alibaba’s Digital Sprint Webinar Series for Manufacturers

Alibaba’s Digital Sprint program includes a powerful line up of high-level Manufacturing and B2B digital marketing experts including: 

Ira Bowman, Founder of Bowman Digital Media – with over 250K social media followers. Ira is an expert in social media marketing and combines it with 20+ years of B2B sales experience.

Allison DeFord – Founder of FELT Marketing as well as a veteran Marketing expert for manufacturers.

Jeff Long – Founder of True Focus Media – an eCommerce as well as video marketing expert for manufacturers.

Josh Curcio – Founder as well as Co-owner of protocol 80 an Inbound Marketing Expert for Manufacturers. 

Brian Beck – An eCommerce pioneer, author of Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce as well as managing partner at Enceiba.

Curt Anderson from B2Btail kicks off this exciting program with the eCommerce 101 for US manufacturers on November 24 at 1:00 EST. 

Anderson will show case an eCommerce success story on how U.S. custom manufacturer, Falconer Electronics made the digital transformation by embracing eCommerce:

This session will also feature how U.S. firm, Voice Express  is utilizing Alibaba. Not only to drive new business to their website as well institute as an aggressive content strategy. All thanks to Bowman Digital Media  as well as Steve Melito at  Thunderbolt Business Services.   For additional assistance with your eCommerce journey, join B2Btail and  Exit Your Way  / every Friday at 1:30 EST for their FREE Manufacturing eCommerce Success webinar series.

Wrapping It Up 

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