The Latest & Greatest in the Engineering World 

To kick things off, if you are an engineer, an engineering student, dream of becoming an engineer, or even date an engineer, you certainly should check out serves as a fantastic website that explores, engages, seeks inspiration, as well as finds the latest & greatest in the engineering world.

In addition, declares itself as the place for “curious minds to discover and share the best in engineering”.

Furthermore, they focus their passion & energy on three major activities: Stories – Discussions – Projects.

While exploring information for our recent blog post engineering resources, we crossed paths with simply seems like a cool and hip social networking destination for engineers (BTW- do people still use “cool & hip”?).

Therefore, we decided to dig a little deeper into all of the valuable information offered by this exciting website for engineers.

Especially since our team works closely with a wide range of engineers throughout various industries., The Latest & Greatest in the Engineering World 


First of all, the Stories section on boasts over 12,000 stories on engineering. In addition, they actually just launched a “New Look” to the Stories section of the website.

The “New Look” categories for Stories include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Space
  • Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Education and Careers
  • Electronics
  • Energy and Environment
  • Hardware
  • Healthcare and Technology
  • Software

In addition, the number of stories available seems endless. As a result, if a story exists regarding engineering, you will find it here.

For example, here is a great article on: How One Small Town is Addressing the Skills Gap: Introducing Students to Industrial Robotics


Meanwhile, The ProjectBoard at serves as a social network for problem solvers to share ideas and develop projects. For example, users get started by exploring categories below or search for topics of interest. In addition, engineers can follow Boards that interest you, or start your own public or private Board!

For instance, these categories below reside on the Projectboard:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Air & Space
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Infrastructure
  • Community Challenges
  • Connected World
  • Consumer Products
  • Design Software & Hardware
  • Earth & Energy
  • Education & Learning
  • Electronics
  • Emerging Tech
  • Health & Medicine
  • How Things Work
  • Next Gen Vehicles
  • Robot Revolution

Jobs also offers a vibrant job board for engineers. Employers can easily post open engineering positions.

Moreover, makes it easy for job seekers to find open positions. For example, job seekers can find jobs listed by category, city or state.

In addition, engineering jobs can also searched by experience. The Job board also allows candidates to post a resume.

The Job board also comes equipped with helpful articles on job tips as well as career advice.

Resources also provides a wealth of helpful information for engineers with the Resources section of their website as well.

Categories include:

  • Videos
  • Ebooks and White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Audio Forums

Like chatting about engineering? Also enjoy collaborating with other engineers? Check out the active forum discussions going on at

Consequently, you will find colorful conversations ranging in a wide variety of topics. Categories cover every type of engineer such as automotive, chemical, civil, computer, industrial, marine and much more. The forum board can be found at

Most importantly, for all of our electrical engineering friends, click here for discussions on electrical engineering.

Additionally, topics specifically targeting electrical engineers include:

  • Electric Power & Transmission & Distribution
  • Electrical Engineering General discussion
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Antenna & Propagation Engineering
  • Power Supply & Electronic Component Design
  • Electric Motors & Generators Engineering
  • Circuit Design
  • Communication & Signal Processing Engineering
  • Microwave & Electromagnetic Engineering

YouTube Channel

Lastly, also offers hundreds of videos on their YouTube channel.

For example, below includes an interesting video called “The Magic of STEM Minds”:

Wrapping It Up

For additional information on Wire Harness Manufacturing, please check out these helpful links below:

Finally, for more information on Ground Straps, please click these helpful links:

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