Facts You May Not Know About the Thomas Edison Family

The Thomas Edison Family name is well known. Everyone that has ever learned about electricity knows of Thomas Edison. However, how much does anyone really know about the entire Edison family? The facts below can bring the entire Edison family into the spotlight.

Thomas Edison Facts


  • Throughout his life, Thomas only spent 3 months in public school
  • His mother took him out of public school and homeschooled him
  • Also, at the young age of 11, Thomas was already a business entrepreneur
  • His nickname was Al when he worked on the train system
  • He also had a science lab on a train
  • Due to an accident with his lab on a train, Thomas Edison lost his hearing
  • Thomas saved a young boy from being run over by a train
  • Due to the rescue, Thomas become a telegraphist
  • Thomas Edison had a tattoo
  • After teaching Mina Miller Morse Code he proposed marriage. That is also how she answered him with “Yes”
  • Thomas had 6 children: 1 daughter and 2 sons from both of his wives

Mina Miller Edison’s Family Facts


  • Mina Miller’s father was a co-founder of Chautauqua Institute
  • All of the Miller children grew up visiting their Summer home in the institute
  • Education was very important to the Miller family
  • Therefore, after graduating high school Mina attended Miss Abby H. Johnson’s Home & Day School for Young Ladies in Boston
  • Mina owned the home at Glenmont along with calling herself the “home executive”
  • She also ran the household and staff
  • Furthermore, Mina Miller Edison was the daughter, wife, and mother of inventors
  • Mina Miller was less than 10 years older than Thomas Edison’s eldest child Marion

The Edison Children

  • Thomas Edison’s oldest daughter Marion was married to a German soldier during WWI
  • William, Thomas’s third child with his first wife, also fought in WWI for The United States
  • Edison’s two oldest children had nicknames for terms used in Morse Code: Dot and Dash
  • The three eldest Edison children assumed they could get what they wanted by dropping their famous father’s name
  • Also, Thomas Edison Jr. changed his name from Edison to Willard upon his father’s request.
  • Both of the eldest Edison boys (Thomas and William) turned to farming as professions
  • Madeleine Edison, Mina’s first child (Thomas’s fourth) was the only Edison child to have children of their own
  • The Edison family continued to vacation at Chautauqua Institute throughout their lives

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