Eliminating the Dreaded RFQ for Ground Straps at Falconer Electronics

Ever deal with the Dreaded RFQ process? 

The RFQ (request for quote) process takes years off one’s life. At least, it sure seem like it. 

For example, let’s say you are working on a new product design. 

On paper, you have everything perfected. 

You go through the checklist: Designs are complete. Drawings finished. All parts identified. Bill of materials created.

So now you just need prices. 

Time to submit a request for quote.

You turn to trusted Google hoping to find a vendor eager to partner with you on this exciting project. 

You submit your RFQ to several potential suppliers and then……..Crickets. 

As a result, you now find yourself playing the Dreaded RFQ waiting game. 

Dreaded RFQ, Eliminating the Dreaded RFQ for Ground Straps at Falconer Electronics

Ahh…..the dreaded RFQ. 

To sum up, the dreaded RFQ process can be described as cumbersome and stressful. 

Speaking with professionals in purchasing, they will tell you one of the biggest sources of frustration lies with waiting for a response to a request for quote.  

Waiting for the dreaded RFQ wastes time and resources as well as hurts profits. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for those of you in new product development if you could receive a quote immediately?

It’s not that the vendor doesn’t want to get an accurate quote in your hands as quickly as possible. 

Especially with small manufacturers. They simply lack the necessary resources to do so, such as technology, staff and most importantly time. 

The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder 

One U.S. manufacturer dedicated to eliminating the dreaded RFQ process took a big step towards accomplishing that exact goal. 

Who says an “old-school” manufacturer can’t create their own cutting edge software program? Well, Falconer Electronics, the industry leader in custom Ground Straps did just that. 

Serving as a Ground Strap and Wire Harness Manufacturer since 1985, Falconer Electronics produces thousands upon thousands of ground straps. 

To make life much easier for their customers, the company decided to create their own proprietary software: The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

The software allows you to customize your own ground strap. Literally within seconds. 

Then receive your quote sent directly to your email inbox instantly. 

In addition, you can immediately place an order for your newly created custom Ground Strap within the Falconer Electronics eCommerce store. 

Click video below to learn more: 

Roger Hall, founder and President of Falconer Electronics shares the powerful results with this new program, “The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder consistently opens new doors. It allows our company to engage with customers 24/7 while eliminating the constraint of waiting for the RFQ.” 

Eliminating the Dreaded RFQ process allows Falconer Electronics to connect with companies that otherwise would have never become customers.

Hall explains “Since launching our Ground Strap QuoteBuilder, a wide range of customers have utilized this helpful tool including numerous Fortune 500 companies, OEM’s, mid-tier manufacturers, job shops and much more.”

“These opportunities simply passed us by prior to creating this program. As an American manufacturer, the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder delivers a healthy competitive advantage for Falconer Electronics.”





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