Retail Display

The Do’s and Don’ts of Retail Display

Do’s of Retail Display

1. Do change your displays: In order to keep interest in the products that are being sold, retailers need to change what they are displaying in a timely manner. Products can be out of date and need to be updated.

retail display

2. Do give enough space: retail displays should have enough space to move freely around. Consumers should be able to have access to the whole display. 

Retail display

3. Do create eye-catching window displays that will pull customers into the store: A retail display is the first thing a consumer sees when walking up to a store. They need to be intrigued to come in and buy the product that is being sold. 

retail display


4. Do stay on top of maintenance: Even the best-designed displays will lose their appeal if they look dusty or worn out. Displays should be checked regularly, throughout the day, so they never appear picked through or messy. Retail Display

Don’ts of Retail Display

1. Don’t sacrifice functionality: An eye catching display is only good until it gets in the way of consumers. A retail display should never be so big that it stops the functionality of the store. This can become a fire hazard if exists are blocked. 

retail Display

2. Don’t Set it and forget it: Consumers need to be drawn to the display. If the display is forgotten then a consumer is less likely to buy the product that your advertising. Retail Display

3. Don’t have a messy entrance: Messy entrances will be a turnoff to consumers looking in. The more cluttered an entrance display is the less likely a consumer can find what they are looking for. 

Retail Display


4. Don’t show a product on display that isn’t in the inventory: This is a huge turnoff for consumers. Products on display should be the ones that are sold in the store. Your retail display shouldn’t be false advertisement. 

retail display


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