Digi-Key serves as a remarkable resource for our company as well as our customers. Simply put, they rock!

When you encounter tight customer deadlines and narrow windows to complete a project, vendor reliability is critical.

Relying on trustworthy suppliers to deliver consistent quality product on-time makes life much smoother. We find that Digi-Key answers the call each and every time.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Ronald Stordahl founded Digi-Key as a PhD student in the late 1960’s. Dr. Stordahl even posses his own  Wikipedia page. That’s impressive! Furthermore, Dr. Stordahl turned a passion and hobby into an incredibly successful entrepreneurial venture.

According to Forbes.com:

While obtaining his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Stordahl started selling a digital electronic keyer kit for sending radiotelegraph code for ham radio operators. This device was called the I.C. Keyer that incorporated the logic of digital I.S.’s and it was used to send out Morse code for ham radios.  After college, Dr. Stordahl went back to his hometown, Thief River Falls.  The keyer kit ended up being discontinued, so he started selling electronic components in 1972.

Digi-Key by the Numbers 

Today, Digi-Key continues to thrive as one of the fastest growing distributors of electronics parts and components.

We recently discussed in a blog post regarding the explosive growth with B2B Ecommerce. Digi-key certainly plays their part in this growth. For example, Digi-key handles over 3.5 million internet orders annually. WOW! That is also impressive.

According to the Digi-Key website, they are the “top rated and most visited website in the electronic distribution industry”:

  • Over $2.3 Billion in annual revenue (BILLION – WOW!)
  • 3700 employees
  • 1.3 million stock items
  • 99% of all orders shipped same day
  • 15,000 orders shipped daily
  • 474,000 customers served

New Product Development 

With continuing our blog series on New Product Development, having reliable vendors on your side lends a tremendous competitive advantage.

Small quantities help engineers and product designers when suffering through the prototype stage. In addition, Digi-Key offers many products in single units. Therefore this makes life much easier during the prototype and testing phase of product development. Yet, quantity discounts offered allows prices to drop down substantially.

Furthermore, we have had numerous situations with clients on-site working on new prototypes. Once they discover they need a new part, they jump on Digi-Key for immediate shipment of product. Another scenario falls when a customer discovers that a part they had originally purchased is not a good fit or simply does not work. Therefore, knowing a replacement part ordered today, arrives tomorrow, once again saves the day.

Digi-Key ships orders accurately and on the same day as ordered. This lends tremendous peace of mind. Especially under tight deadlines and high customer demands.

Our purchasing department also finds Digi-Key knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Their customer service team fully understands the stress that their customers face. Most importantly their dependability and reliability simply removes one of the many obstacles manufacturers deal with daily.

For PCB production, we count on Digi-Key for capacitors, integrated circuits, diodes, resistors and transistors.

Also, we purchase components, connectors and terminals from Digi-Key to produce our  Wire Harness Assemblies.

Most importantly, they provide parts for our  Wire Harness Estimator and Ground Strap Express.

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