Custom Wire Harness Assembly: Wire Harness Manufacturing Since 1985

Falconer Electronics has served as a Custom Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer since 1985. Producing high quality wire harness assemblies takes a tremendous amount of time, skill and expertise.

However, many companies do not possess the experience, skilled staff or proper equipment to manufacture wire harness assemblies internally. Therefore, when selecting a custom wire harness manufacturer to partner with, it is crucial to team up with a company that you can trust. In addition, delivery times, quality, reliability and quick turnaround play key factors with your decision as well.

Custom Wire Harness Assembly, Custom Wire Harness Assembly: Wire Harness Manufacturing Since 1985

Crimping Wires at Falconer Electronics

There are many functions of a custom wire harness assembly that continues to be primarily manufactured by hand. Due to the challenging task of assembling cables and wires, it is difficult to fully automate the process. This is particularly common when dealing with high mix and low volume projects. 

All sorts of enjoyable activities go on at a Wire Harness Manufacturer. For example, Wire Harness Manufacturers handle a wide variety of custom wire harness assembly services including:

  • Cutting individual wires
  • Crimping individual wires
  • Twisting wires
  • Soldering wires
  • Applying heat shrink
  • Crimping terminals
  • Sleeving individual wires
  • Assembling wires into housing and connectors
  • Plus much more

The Custom Wire Harness Assembly process is typically not economical to outsource overseas to foreign competitors. Especially since many companies rely on short lead times and quick turnaround. Low volume wire harness assemblies are difficult to predict demand.

Teaming up with a custom manufacturer in the U.S provides the necessary flexibility to receive product on time while not overstocking. Turning over inventory quickly while maintaining low inventory levels drastically helps improve your profitability. In addition, speed and agility lends a tremendous competitive advantage to your company.

Quality Control with Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Producing high quality wire harnesses is a core competency and strength at Falconer Electronics as we enter our fourth decade.  Testing and Quality Control of every product is an absolute top priority. Customers consistently rank our services at near perfect levels. Our company commitment is driven by producing the highest quality of product every time.

Companies have trusted the team at Falconer Electronics throughout many industries such as auto, rail, military products, health care, industrial work lights and much more. 

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Wrapping It Up

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