Custom Ground Wires: Made to Order, Instant Quotes

Custom ground wires are made-to-order when you use the Ground Wire Configurator from Falconer Electronics. This on-line resource provides instant quotes and all you have to do is answer a few questions on your screen. Just follow the Ground Wire Configurator’s prompts and select your answers from the list or enter them in the text box. You can also review your progress in the Quote Summary section and use the Back and Next buttons if you need to change your answers.

If you’re new to on-line configurators, you’ll like the ease and convenience of the Falconer Electronics approach to selecting ground wires. The following sections describe the questions you’ll need to ask and the answers you can select or enter. There’s no guesswork involved and the custom grounding wires you’ll receive come from a Made in America manufacturer that’s committed to quality. Plus, your request for quote (RFQ) will get you an almost instant answer.

Is this ground wire lead free (RoHS) or does it contain lead?

Custom ground wires can use either leaded solder or lead-free solder; however, lead is banned in European Union countries under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. If RoHS compliance isn’t an issue for your application, then you might want a leaded solder because lead increases flexibility and reduces the risk of fire.

Choose the type of custom ground wire that you need.

  • Lead free meets RoHS requirements regarding lead in solder.
  • Lead contains leaded solder and does not meet RoHS requirements.

What wire and gauge do you need?

Custom ground wires are specified according to wire gauge (GA), a number that represents wire thickness according to the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard. Smaller gauges are for thicker wires and larger gauges are for thinner wires. The cross-sectional area of the gauge is important because it determines the wire’s current-carry ampacity.

Ground wires use different colored jacketing so that they are easier to identify. To indicate that a wire is for protective earth or ground, the jacket color is either green or green with a yellow stripe. In addition to wire gauge and color, this part of the Ground Wire Configurator prompts you to indicate the length (in inches) of the product that you’ll need.

Select the type of ground wire:

  • Green 18 GA is 18-gauge wire with green jacketing.
  • Green/Yellow 18 GA is 18-gauge wire with green and yellow jacketing.
  • Green 16 GA is 16-gauge wire with green jacketing.
  • Green/Yellow 14 GA is 14-gauge wire with green and yellow jacketing.
  • Green 14 GA is 14-gauge wire with green jacketing.
  • Green/Yellow 8 GA is 8-gauge wire with green and yellow jacketing.

Select the terminals for your custom ground wires  

Custom ground wires terminate in metal stud rings that can have either numbered designations or decimal-based measurements. Because each stud may need a different sized ring, you’ll need to specify End A (left) and End B (right) for your assemble-to-order product. If both ends are the same, then choose the same measurement for each.

Use the Ground Wire Configurator to select both the A terminal and the B terminal.

  • #8 stud has a 0.164 inch stud diameter.
  • #10 stud has a 0.190 inch stud diameter.
  • 1/4” stud has a 0.250 inch stud diameter.
  • 5/16” stud has a 0.312 inch stud diameter.

Select the orientation of the terminals

The ends of a custom ground wire can come in four different orientations. The Ground Wire Configurator provides a picture of each, so refer to this image and then make your selection. These are the values from top-to-bottom of the image.

  • Straight Up Straight Up
  • Straight Up Straight Down
  • Up Straight Up
  • Down Down

Select heat shrink option

Heat shrink is a shrinkable plastic tube that is used to insulate wires. Heat shrink tubing also provides abrasion resistance and environmental protection. Depending on your application requirements, use the Ground Wire Configurator to select one of the following options.

  • No Heat Shrink
  • Add Heat Shrink

Finishing the RFQ for custom ground wires

Finishing your RFQ is as simple as entering the quantity that you need, indicating whether or not you’d like a quote for another ground wire, and then entering your name and email address. For the quantity, enter a whole number up to 500. For quantities greater than 500, such as for a blanket order, contact Falconer Electronics.

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