Custom Ground Straps: Made to Order, Instant Quotes

Custom ground straps are made to order with instant quotes when you use the Ground Strap Configurator from Falconer Electronics. This on-line tool makes it easy to find a custom ground strap because all you have to do is answer a few questions on your screen. There are no tables to look up, charts to reference, or diagrams to decipher. As you follow the Ground Strap Configurator’s prompts, select your answers from a list or enter them in a text box. You can also review your progress in the Quote Summary section.

If you’ve never used a configurator before, you’ll like the convenience of this customizable approach to selecting ground straps. The following sections describe the questions you’ll need to ask and the answers that you can choose or enter. There’s no guesswork involved because our on-line resource is designed to provide you with the custom grounding straps that you need from a Made in the USA manufacturer. Plus, your request for quote (RFQ) gets you an almost instant answer.

Is this made-to-order grounding strap lead free (RoHS) or lead?

This first question is an important one if your plan to use or sell your made-to-order grounding straps in Europe. Custom ground straps can use leaded or lead-free solder, but lead is banned in European Union countries under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. Although lead is a carcinogen, it’s still used in some applications because it increases overall flexibility and reduces the risk of fire.   

Choose the type of custom ground strap that you need.

  • Lead free ground straps meet RoHS requirements regarding lead in solder.
  • Lead ground straps contain leaded solder and do not meet RoHS requirements.

What size would you like your build-to-order ground strap?

Build-to-order ground straps carry dimensions for both width and length. You’ll need to specify both.

How wide would you like the custom ground strap?

Choose 1/4”, 1/2”, and 3/4”.  These are the three most common widths.

How long would you like the custom ground strap (inches)?

The length of a custom ground strap can vary. Enter the length (in inches) as a whole number or a decimal.

What are the stud size terminals for your assemble-to-order product?

Custom ground straps terminate in metal rings that attach to studs. These stud rings, as they’re also known, have numbered designation or a decimal-based measurement. Because each stud may need a different sized ring, you’ll need to specify End A (left) and End B (right) for your assemble-to-order product.

Choose your stud size terminals. 

  • #6
  • #8
  • #10
  • .250
  • .375”
  • .500”
  • .625”

What is the orientation of the terminals in your configure-to-order ground strap?

The ends of a custom ground strap can be:

  • straight up and down on both ends (A and B)
  • up or down only on the end with the A terminal (left side)
  • up or down only on the end with the B terminal (right side)

Choose the orientation for your custom grounding strap terminals.

  • Straight Up Straight Down
  • Up Straight Up
  • Straight Up Straight Down
  • Up Up
  • Straight Down Straight Up
  • Down Down
  • Straight Up Down

The Ground Strap Configurator provides pictures of these seven different configurations.

Finishing the RFQ for your engineer-to-order product

Finishing your RFQ is as simple as entering the quantity, indicating whether or not you want another ground strap, and then entering your name and email address. For the quantity, enter a whole number up to 500. For quantities greater than 500, such as for a blanket order, contact Falconer Electronics.

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Wrapping It Up

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