Custom Commercial Power Strips at Falconer Electronics Since 1985

Falconer Electronics, Inc (FEI) has been producing high quality Custom Commercial Power Strips since 1985.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. 

Of course, plenty of our staff members were not alive in 1985. 

Therefore, us “older folks” shared a few exciting things that took place in 1985. 

So what was going on WAY back in 1985?

Let’s take a look: 

Coke launched the disastrous New Coke:


“Back to the Future” ruled the box office: 


Aerobics was the fitness craze – (for a good chuckle, watch this video):

Custom Commercial Power Strips at Falconer Electronics

Who knew back in 1985 that the future looked incredibly bright for Falconer Electronics, Inc.

Roger Hall, founder and President of Falconer Electronics, Inc says he could have never predicted the wild success of his company. Especially from the humble beginning 34 years ago. “Hard work, a deep commitment to producing superior products as well as a dedication to customer satisfaction each play a critical role to the long term success at FEI”, says Hall.

Over that three decade span, FEI acquired an impressive customer base. As a result, this list includes numerous prominent businesses including several Fortune 500 companies. For example, AT&T, Best Buy, Walmart, Sony as well as Lowe’s are just a few companies that have trusted Falconer Electronics, Inc with producing superior custom commercial power strips.

Falconer Electronics, Inc has also tackled numerous projects with challenging demands. Most noteworthy,  a key project for over 15 years includes powering every TV set on display at Walmart throughout all of North America and South America. Additionally, FEI had the privilege of  providing a custom outlet strip for Lowe’s for their Christmas Tree display over the Holiday season. This was another exciting project with an extremely tight deadline that required a quick turnaround and an ETL listing.

Custom Commercial Power Strips, Custom Commercial Power Strips at Falconer Electronics Since 1985



Competitive Advantages at Falconer Electronics 

Custom commercial outlet strips are a particular specialty at FEI. With this vast experience, Roger Hall and his team have created healthy competitive advantages with:

  • Close proximity to suppliers
  • Excellent relationships with these vendors that are eagerly willing to accommodate challenging projects with narrow deadlines
  • Years of experience with UL, ETL and CSA – This is invaluable when obtaining a listing for electrical products and custom commercial power strips. Especially when customers need product turned around quickly
  • A highly skilled and seasoned staff that deliver a high level of expertise
  • Continuous improvement 

Furthermore, additional valuable components to the long-term success at Falconer Electronics include: Equipment – Tools – Resources – Supply Chain – Logistics – Financial Viability – Determination – Product Knowledge.

Falconer Electronics, Inc continues powering through its fourth decade with producing high quality custom commercial power strips. Above all, it is a privilege to serve customers of any size. 

Wrapping It Up

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