Crimping Tools: Wire Harness Manufacturing at Falconer Electronics

Crimping Tools

When crimping wires and cables for our customers, utilizing heavy duty Crimping Tools allows our team to execute jobs with accuracy and efficiency.

As a wire harness manufacturer, Crimping Tools play a key role to long term sustainability as well as producing the highest quality wire assemblies.

Actually, with over 30 years of wire harness assembly experience, Falconer Electronics has accumulated an impressive arsenal of crimping tools.

Especially since many projects require crimping wires by hand.

Therefore, when producing wire assemblies for prototypes and small volume runs, handheld crimping tools sure come in…..handy.

Selecting the wrong tool = disastrous results :-( 

Matching the correct crimping tool with a particular terminal or connector = Happy Customers :-) 

Let’s explore a couple of examples. 

Manufacturers of Crimping Tools

Molex is a global leader in manufacturing of high quality electrical tools and components as well as equipment.

Therefore, Falconer Electronics has relied on Molex for many years as a trusted source and supplier of crimping tools.

The team at Molex declares:

Through our collaborative process, we take a multi-dimensional approach that brings together engineers, product designers and manufacturing to ensure the design cycle is smooth and seamless.

Below is one of the “Bad Boys” from Molex that our team loves to use when tackling tough projects:

Crimping Tools, Crimping Tools: Wire Harness Manufacturing at Falconer Electronics

Crimping Tools at Falconer Electronics

Pneumatic Crimping Tool

Not interested in crimping wires by hand?

No problem!

We find pneumatic crimping tools extremely beneficial and efficient.

Especially since pneumatic tools allows you to work hands-free.

If you enjoy tapping your foot, this crimping tool is right up your alley.

Also, this particular crimping tool is fast and furious.

Furthermore, they are accurate and can drastically increase production.

We recently welcomed a new addition to our team.

The Pneumatic Crimping Press pictured below is a “Plug’n Play” Pneumatic Press.

Looks fierce, doesn’t it?

It is ready and raring to CRIMP!! Perfect for assemblies requiring interchangeable crimping dies.

Crimping Tools, Crimping Tools: Wire Harness Manufacturing at Falconer Electronics

Crimping Machine at Falconer Electronics

Wire Harness Safety 

Lastly, wire harness safety is also crucial when crimping wires.

Actually, safety is an absolute top priority with every job as well as each process. 

Therefore, keeping a laser focus on safety throughout the entire plant pays huge dividends for our team (check out our post on our success with the SHARP program). 

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