Focus on Your Core Strengths for Your Keyword Strategy

Focusing on your core strengths for your keyword strategy plays a critical role in executing a successful eCommerce strategy. 

Especially since targeting your core strengths allows you to better market and brand your business by beating the drum of your specific area of expertise.

Maximize what you know best!

Staying in your wheelhouse also allows you to distance yourself from the competition. 

Remember, there is NO ONE who knows your proprietary process better than you.

Capitalize on Scaling Your Proprietary Process where you have the tools, resources, equipment, machinery, staff, experience, as well as a system in place to tackle customer needs.

Especially as a custom manufacturer where you make parts for other companies such as OEMs as well as provide components that go into a finished good.

As a result, focusing on these specific parts and products provide much greater ammunition for you with your keyword strategy.

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Core Strengths = Keyword Strategy 

Core strengths, Focus on Your Core Strengths for Your Keyword Strategy

So we have determined that plenty of potential customers would greatly benefit from your expertise who simply do not know that you exist

Not yet anyway. 

The fix?

Start promoting your proprietary process as a proprietary product.

So, how can you convert your proprietary process into a proprietary product?

You may find it difficult to pick a direction or one specific process.

Many of my clients find it challenging to pick one process from their menu. It is like picking your favorite child.

You feel that each area of your business is vital.

However, let’s take a look at your top process.


Do a SWOT on various areas of your company.

Where do your core strengths exist?

Another critical consideration, what does the market NEED?

Many entrepreneurs (including me) confuse what we THINK the market wants as opposed to the market actually NEEDS.

Let’s break down each category to explore possibilities.

First, identify the industries that your customers service.

In addition, is there another industry that purchases components that you produce? Or something similar?

What is the name of that part? Do other industries use another name for that part?

Scale Your Proprietary Process with eCommerce Formula

Therefore, below includes a very simple “Scale Your Proprietary Process with eCommerce Formula” that is full proof: 

Experience + tools + equipment + staff + suppliers + raw material + resources = Your Proprietary Process 

To take it one step further: 

Your Proprietary Process + eCommerce = Scaling Your Proprietary Process with eCommerce 

As we work on your keyword strategy, starting thinking about all of the terms that an ideal customer (soulmate) would type into a Google search. 

That’s the direction we need to head. 

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Keyword Strategy for Custom Manufacturers 

Core strengths, Focus on Your Core Strengths for Your Keyword Strategy

To make a comparison for manufacturing, let’s consider a keyword strategy for your company.

For example, if you want to rank for “custom manufacturer” we would face an uphill battle.

Google shows over 600 million webpages for “custom manufacturer”.

“Job shop” produces over 3 BILLION webpage results on Google.

More importantly, that is such a broad phrase any leads that you do attract would likely not fit what you actually do.

We want to promote your specific proprietary processes.

“Custom manufacturer” just isn’t going to produce positive results.

To dig deeper, let’s say you fit a specific industry.

Generic Keywords Will Likely NOT Drive Healthy Leads 

Take a look below at each industry and the number of Google webpage results:

  • CNC Shop = 132 million webpages 
  • CNC Machine Shop = 83 million webpages 
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturer = 213 million webpages 
  • Metal stamping = 394 million webpages 
  • Metal Fabrication = 1 billion webpages 
  • Tool and Die = 2.5 billion webpages 

If you want to rank organically on Google for any of these phrases above, good luck. 

You have a massive mountain to climb. 

Sorry to be pessimistic, “half-empty” or discouraging. 

We just want to take a much more productive and impactful strategic approach that will generate quality leads, sales and ultimately profits. 

Now you might think well, we are a “CNC shop” and that is what we need to target. What do I do now “Mr. Negative”?

First, typically broad keywords are outrageously expensive on Google Ads. Trust me, Google possesses plenty of cash and does not need your donations by implementing a wasteful keyword strategy. 

Secondly, unless you hire a world-class SEO firm, landing a first-page ranking on Google organic search for generic terms seems highly unlikely. 

Additionally, these terms are so broad that you are most likely to receive plenty a bad leads even if you did show up on Google search results. 

We need to narrow the category. 

Finding your sweet spot of expertise allows you to target that specific keyword to help you dominate search.

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Wrapping It Up 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

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