Cables and Wires: The Similarities Between Them


Do you know the similarities between cables and wires? Wires and cables are very similar in nature and they can have similar purposes.

The Main Similarities

The main similarities between cables and wires are that they both conduct electrical currents. Wires are the components of a cable. Multiple wires make up a single cable. Also, a single wire and a single cable both can have insulation or insulative jackets. However, a cable has an outer jacket while the single wires inside have their jackets as well. The differences in insulation can determine the different uses of a wire and cable.


As stated previously, cables consist of multiple wires. There are cables that have the wires twisted to hold them together. There are also some that have the separate wires encased in an insulated jacket. This jacket doesn’t just hold the internal wires together but it also protects the internal wires from the elements. Cables can also contain numerous insulated wires. There is an extra level of protection when individual wires within a cable have their own insulation.  There is protection from corrosion and friction amongst individual wires due to the extra insulation.


Solid and stranded are the two types of wires. Many individual strands of wire twisted together make up stranded wires. These strands can be very fine or larger depending on the application. Generally, the more strands and the smaller the strands the more flexible the wire is. Solid wire is just that, one strand of copper drawn to the appropriate gauge size. Also, wires can either be insulated or non-insulated. Insulted wires are less likely to have corrosion or the added issue of contact between non-insulated wires. A number of different applications use non-insulated wires. These applications include places where electrical wiring, armature wire, and magnet wire are needed. Non-insulated wiring is different from the insulated wire. This is due to it not being plated or coated with anything.

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Wrapping It Up

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