Falconer Electronics Wins “Innovative Manufacturer of the Year” at Buffalo Business First

We have extremely exciting news to share with you. Falconer Electronics earned the award for the innovative manufacturer of the year for 2020 at Buffalo Business First.

Due to its excellence and consistent quality, Falconer Electronics was recognized as a true example of quality and excellence. 

Additionally, Buffalo Business First acknowledged the commitment to superior customer service as well as demonstrating a deep commitment to advancing technology to maintain a competitive edge.

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The Mission at Buffalo Business First

Buffalo Business First, Falconer Electronics Wins “Innovative Manufacturer of the Year” at Buffalo Business First

First, who is Buffalo Business First? 

Buffalo Business First delivers the latest breaking business news in Buffalo which is updated throughout the day.

“We help our readers make money and grow their careers by providing breaking news, in-depth analysis and advice-driven features with a strong local focus on Buffalo. We also run a variety of awards programs, networking events and educational seminars throughout the year.”

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Falconer Electronics = Innovative Manufacturer of the Year

Buffalo Business First, Falconer Electronics Wins “Innovative Manufacturer of the Year” at Buffalo Business First

Founded in 1985 by Roger Hall, the founder and President of Falconer Electronics regards his team as the reason behind such a huge accomplishment. “We are truly blessed with an amazing team of individuals who care deeply about delivering quality products that are Made in America. An unwavering commitment to satisfying our customers also speaks volumes to our 35 years of success.” 

Falconer Electronics received the Manufacturing Innovation Award this year due to its dedication to creativity, innovation, and dedication.  Falconer Electronics, a manufacturer of ground straps, commercial power strips as well as wire harness assemblies experienced robust sales growth over the past few years. 

In addition, Falconer Electronics has instituted an aggressive digital marketing and eCommerce strategy.

To provide a snapshot of the powerful impact of eCommerce and digital marketing, website traffic increased by 1500% from November 2017 through May 2020. 

This includes expanding its eCommerce product line as well as teaming up with online marketplaces such as Amazon, Digi-Key, Walmart and Zoro.

Falconer Electronics has also invested heavily to expand the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) department. A majority of circuit board production has unfortunately found its way to foreign competitors. 

However, Falconer Electronics continues to proudly grow its production of circuit boards right here in Western New York.

Bottom line: The future at Falconer Electronics looks extremely bright.

Wrapping It Up 

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