James Lewis: The Bald Engineer Delivers Electrifying Information

As electronics geeks, we thoroughly enjoy following James Lewis (aka: the Bald Engineer). James delivers outstanding  information, tips and product reviews on his electronics blog. If you are an electronics junkie like us, you will find his information invaluable.

The tagline on his website: “Electronics tutorials in plain simple English. Our goal is to add the engineer to nerd to create a world of Enginerds.” Otherwise as James simply states, “Electronics Stuff for Enginerds.”

Actually my affection for James Lewis runs deep for two reasons. Not only due to our mutual passion for electronics but also being fellow bald guy.


The Bald Engineer Covers Electronic Basics 

Just a beginner in electronics? Need to learn the basics? No problem!

James provides an incredible arsenal of helpful information on electronics basics: (https://www.baldengineer.com/category/tutorials/electronics-basics).

My personal favorite is his post on LED basics: LED Tutorial – Learn the basics

More Electronic Basics

In addition, below includes several informative blog posts covering more “Electronic Basics”:

AC/DC – More Than Just a Killer Band

James has a fantastic video library on YouTube that serves more than 80,000 subscribers with millions of views.

For example, in this video below James explains that AC/DC is much more than a legendary rock band. Which honestly came as a big surprise to me. Growing up in the 80’s, I just figured that electricity must have been named after the rock band. James clears things up for us AC/DC fans.

Newsletter and Free eBook 

You can join the nearly 90,000 subscribers when you sign up to receive the Bald Engineer newsletter. Just recently, James sent out a cool post on: “Oscilloscope Probes Primer – Why so many types? Compare Passive, Active, High Voltage, and Current Probes”.

 You can also receive a FREE copy of his eBook, “On the Bald Engineer Electronics Bench”. This book is an excellent resource and offers helpful tidbits.

Product Reviews 

Searching for electronics product reviews? The Bald Engineer has you covered there as well.

Since we do plenty of soldering, we particularly enjoyed this review on “Fume Extraction Unit for soldering applications” (found on Element14.com).

Here is another great review on “Pi Cap Hands On Review: My first impressions of a Raspberry Pi capacitive touch hat”.

Let’s Connect 

Thank you so much for reading our blog post on James Lewis and his alias, the Bald Engineer.

As we continue our blog series on helping clients with New Product Development, the Bald Engineer website is an excellent resource.

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Wishing you an ELECTRIC DAY!

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