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RoHS: What is it and Why is it Significant to Electrical Manufacturers

What is RoHS? The abbreviation RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. In the beginning, RoHS was put in place, to restrict the use of certain materials in Europe. This was due to their hazardous nature. Therefore, the use of these restricted materials was regulated within electrical devices. Since July 1, 2006, every electrical device in the European […]

Made in USA: “All or Virtually All”

Many small manufacturers in the U.S. struggle to determine if the product that they assemble, manufacture or produce truly qualifies for the label “Made in USA” or “American-Made”. The world is shrinking fast. Competition is fierce. The Internet has escalated the global economy. Manufacturers are eager to comply with the standards as long as it is […]


Wire Harness Department Top 20 Playlist

Last week, we discussed creating a positive work environment. Music certainly helps the cause. Whistling while you work keeps the day humming along. What do you listen to while you work? We have compiled the top 20 songs that the Wire Harness Department listens to while building wire harnesses. It is this collection of songs that […]