Amazon’s Choice: Five Star Ground Straps Manufactured in the U.S. at Falconer Electronics

Amazon’s Choice! Wow!! Falconer Electronics earning the Amazon’s Choice for Ground Straps banner certainly hit our team on high note. 

Especially since nearly 40% of retail eCommerce dollars are spent on Amazon.  They are not only the leader in the retail eCommerce space according to an eMarketer report, but Amazon is also pulling further ahead of its competition in 2020.  With an anticipated $260.86 billion in eCommerce retail revenue overall, Amazon is set to clear $100 billion in total eCommerce retail transactions alone.

What makes all this even more impressive is that eCommerce is predicted to continue to grow as the preferred choice of retail shoppers.  By the year 2040, Kinsta reports up to 95% of all purchases will be made online.

With online purchases growing and Amazon the undisputed king of the retail eCommerce hill, Falconer Electronics, Inc. (FEI) is ecstatic to have claimed the coveted title of Amazon’s Choice for ground straps.

Amazon’s Choice of Ground Straps 

Amazon's Choice, Amazon’s Choice: Five Star Ground Straps Manufactured in the U.S. at Falconer Electronics

Amazon’s Choice product is a designation, as explained by Business Insider, that helps shoppers identify the products having a low return rate and that are selected more often than other products in the same category on Amazon.  Amazon does not make any additional discount or warranty available for Amazon Choice products, however the visual advantage for products with the designation tends to help drive up sales on the items that earn the designation.


Beyond the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” banner, Falconer Electronics ground straps also consistently earn 5-star reviews by those who buy the products on Amazon.  With eCommerce overcoming limitations can make all the difference in earning the business or losing the sale. One limitation on Amazon for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) buyers is the lack of customization. However anyone can customize their own ground straps specifications and get an instant quote with the Instant Ground Strap Quote Builder on FEI’s website.  The custom quotes from start to finish only take 60 seconds or less. 


Ground Strap Buyers can learn everything they need to know about Ground Straps with The Official Ground Strap Resource Guide and even purchase with free shipping on FEI’s website after they decide what they want, a perk only people with an Amazon Prime account currently get on Amazon.

Wrapping It Up 

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