Do You Use Google AdWords to Boost Your Business?

Businesses plunging into ecommerce in the 1990’s certainly faced many challenges. One of the greatest challenges? Finding new customers. Think about this for a moment……….Google did not exist back then. Let alone Google AdWords to help with your search marketing efforts.


That’s right! No Google. Well, not as we know it today anway. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the idea and concept for Google in 1995. Click here for a cool article on the founders from Wired magazine. An amazing American Entrepreneurial success. Massive success! It is hard to imagine going an entire day without using Google.

AdWords, Do You Use Google AdWords to Boost Your Business?

We frequently assist small business owners with New Product Development. In particular with Ground Straps and Wire Harness Assemblies. However, developing the product is only half the battle. Marketing your product and business aggressively is critical. Entrepreneurs and small business owners must take full advantage of every resource possible.  Especially in these competitive times. This post continues our blog series on B2B Marketing.

Google AdWords

Can you imagine life now without Google? Nearly unfathomable. Try telling a high school or college student to do research without access to Google. Heavy odds they would be lost.

To take it one step further, try telling an ecommerce company today that they cannot use AdWords. They would not have pleasant words for you (major understatement).

Well, that was ecommerce in the 1990’s. Google changed the world and is now a verb (“Google it”). An essential function that millions of companies rely on daily.

AdWords allows potential customers to find your website quickly and easily.

When you conduct a search, the top words with an “AD” button next to the URL (or company website) designate an  AdWords listing.

Google AdWords runs as an auction. It does not cost a company a single penny to be listed in that position. You only bid to be there. A charge only occurs once an individual clicks on your ad. This is called “Pay-Per-Click” or PPC. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Resources for AdWords 

Confused? No problem. Plenty of outstanding resources exist that provide valuable information on how to execute PPC strategies.

Check out these several excellent websites below for additional help to tackle PPC:

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