Falconer Electronics was founded in 1985 in Falconer, NY by Roger Hall. The company incorporated in 1989 and at that time employed 10 people. The first assembly project for Falconer Electronics was for AT&T and involved the development and production of security and temperature control device for their telecommunications cabinets.

Since those early days working with AT&T with only a handful of employees, Falconer Electronics has grown to employing over 50 people with a peak of 100 employees during their busy periods. Working for a number of well-known manufacturers and companies often as a private label source for various components and complete assemblies, FEI products are seen by millions of consumers every year. From hospitals to the largest retail store giant, and everywhere in between,  we at Falconer Electronics are proud USA manufacturer making the products that America needs in America.

Currently, Falconer Electronics is expanding and now encompasses 30,000 sq. ft. for assembly and manufacturing. In the early 2000’s, the company had installed over 35 million components per year for the heavy-duty lighting industry. Falconer Electronics is proud of their history in the automotive industry as well, having worked alongside their customers on prototyping and production of the first LED lighting assemblies for heavy-duty automotive.

Falconer Electronics future is bright with promise. FEI is ready to become your partner in prototyping and production.