1/4″ Ground Straps………1/2″ Ground Straps……….and NOW…….3/4″ Ground Straps.  

We know, you can hardly contain yourself. Same here!

3/4″ Ground Straps! Seriously?!?! 


3/4" Ground Straps, 3/4″ Ground Straps Now Available on the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder 3/4" Ground Straps, 3/4″ Ground Straps Now Available on the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

Due to popular demand, Falconer Electronics now offers 3/4″ Ground Straps. 

This is in addition to the options of 1/4″ Ground Straps as well as 1/2″ Ground Straps.  

Many heavy-duty industrial projects require a larger-sized Ground Strap. 

Industries demand top quality Ground Straps such as aerospace, auto, locomotive, oil, power equipment, ATM machines, and livestock protection. Even drones require ground straps.

Furthermore, reliable Ground Straps save more lives and protect precious equipment. 

Not Using Ground Straps Can Be a Shocking Experience

You name it, we will tackle it. 

Offering 3/4″ Ground Straps broadens horizons for our customers.

Convenience is the name of the game. 

Especially when projects for industrial companies require a quick solution. NOW! 

Buying custom manufactured goods Made in the USA lends a nice competitive advantage. 

Ground Straps from Falconer Electronics Now Available on Amazon

Saving Time with the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder 

3/4" Ground Straps, 3/4″ Ground Straps Now Available on the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder

Did you know that Falconer Electronics offers our very own software tool that allows you to build your own Ground Strap? 

The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder has been an overwhelming success for Falconer Electronics. 

Providing efficiencies and making it easy to do business certainly enhances the customer experience. 

Allowing customers to purchase and make buying decisions 24/7 greatly benefits our customers. 

Speeds up the buying process as well. 

That was our goal when we created this powerful software tool. 

The Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder actually takes less than 60 seconds to complete the process. 

Numerous Fortune 500 Companies utilize the Instant Ground Strap QuoteBuilder as an efficient and effective resource. 

Customers can custom make their own ground strap and receive a quote instantly. 

Additionally, customers also have the option to immediately place an order. 

Saving time plays a critical role in your success. Not just with being efficient but more importantly, effective.

Furthermore, saving themselves a tremendous amount of time and energy. 

Allowing the time to move on to other issues and tasks that need addressed. 

Lastly, for our customers convenience, Falconer Electronics also recently announced that we have expanded new sizes for our in-stock selection (click link): Making Ground Straps That Customers Can’t Refuse

Wrapping It Up 

For more information on Falconer Electronics, please click these helpful links: 

Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below: 


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