19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change” (Plus a Healthy Dose of eCommerce)

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

~ W. Edwards Deming – 20th Century Global Quality Expert


That’s a powerful quote and also a scary thought as well. 

Do you hate change?

On the other hand, maybe you find yourself working within a business or organization that hates change. 

Either way, whether we like it or not change is inevitable. 

Here is another brilliant Demingism: 


“Two basic rules of life are: 1) Change is inevitable. 2) Everybody resists change.”

~ W. Edwards Deming 


19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change”

Change, 19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change” (Plus a Healthy Dose of eCommerce)

Well I certainly do not claim to be an expert or guru on change.

However, below includes a list of suggestions and remedies, accumulated over the years, that have worked in my world. 

So, let’s jump right in…….

  1. Identify weaknesses that need improvement immediately
  2. Expose bottlenecks and constraints
  3. Venture into the unknown – trust your instincts
  4. Align with experts that can hold your hand through positive change
  5. Create new systems and processes
  6. Explore new technologies
  7. Tackle challenges with confidence and positive energy
  9. Dedicate yourself and your team to be in a constant state of continuous improvement
  10. Open your mind to new ideas
  11. Research
  12. Talk with vendors
  13. Stay in the know AND in the zone
  14. Align yourself with a tough mentor 
  15. Find an accountability partner who keeps you on track
  16. Take courses online or at local university
  17. Find companies that have accomplished goals that you seek and discover how they did it
  18. Conduct competitive intelligence: especially on competitors who are using new technology and techniques 
  19. Finally, tell yourself, “I embrace change, I embrace change…”

Just Keep Moving Forward

Change, 19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change” (Plus a Healthy Dose of eCommerce)

Most importantly, when it comes to change, take manageable bites.

However, just keep moving forward.

Remember, over analysis causes paralysis.

Just keep moving forward.

One day at a time. One step at a time.

Just keep moving forward.

For example, take note of 3-4 things that you absolutely hate about your business or organization.

Those heavy burdens or tasks that you deem as profit killers and time wasters.

Processes or systems that you know hurt your business. Yet, no one knows how to change them.

The thought of changing can be so overwhelming that nothing gets done.

Instead of creating a manageable plan, you keep doing things as they have always been done in the past.

Unfortunately, sometimes doing nothing sure beats doing something.

Sacred cows do not go away easily.

I once served on a successful team where our motto was “what are we doing today that we could make fun of six months or a year from now?”

Meaning, identify profit killers or time wasters that are currently eating up our energy, resources and most importantly the bottom line.

For example, a technology or process where down the road you look back and say “can you believe this is how we used to do it?”

In other words, to look back and say, “what a colossal waste of time is was when we did THAT”.

It’s much better to say, “Thank God we had the stamina and courage to take the leap and improve. Take on the new technology. Embrace a new system.”

Above all, Just Keep Moving Forward.

Curing  “I Hate Change” with eCommerce

Change, 19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change” (Plus a Healthy Dose of eCommerce)

For those looking to take the plunge into eCommerce for the first time, many inexpensive options exist.

Especially if you hate change or find yourself working at a business that hates change. 

For example, you can tip your toe in the water with eBay.

Another option, team up with the eCommerce Goliath, Amazon.

Amazon offers virtually a no risk option with creating an eCommerce presence.

Amazon receives over 2 billion visits in a single month.

What are the odds that one of those 2 billion would purchase your product?

Additionally, you can take the plunge and create your own eCommerce store.

For example, if you currently use WordPress for your website, WooCommerce can be added to your site which is a FREE plugin .

Additional options include other eCommerce shopping carts that run as low as $19.99 per month.

The list includes dynamic eCommerce shopping cart solutions such as Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, and Big Commerce.

With creating your own website, now you just need a web designer.

Well, affordable and effective web designers are abundant.

Start with word of mouth. Ask around. Check with friends, family, and professional contacts.

Check locally. Do a Google search for with local web designers.

Search around LinkedIn, which is loaded with eCommerce experts eager to help you.

Check out outsourcing websites like Fiveer, Guru, or Upwork.

Explore local universities or colleges. Post a job or internship.

The bottom line: Just keep moving forward. 

Just Get in the Game

Change, 19 Tips for Curing “I Hate Change” (Plus a Healthy Dose of eCommerce)

In conclusion, put up the good fight against “I Hate Change”.

Especially when it comes to embracing a new technology such as eCommerce. 

Do everything possible to avoid finding yourself in the eCommerce Graveyard.

Get off the sidelines and Just Get in the Game. 

Once you find yourself on the field, then the fun begins.

Take advantage of every resource available to put you and your company on the winning side.

Together we can conquer the dreaded disease of “I Hate Change”.

Let’s make “I Hate Change” a thing of the past so we look back with a good laugh.

So what steps do you and your team take to fight “I Hate Change”?

Wrapping It Up 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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